Monday, February 24, 2014

my husband hates festiveness, but i will not give in.

Ok so I love holidays. I love being festive. What I mostly mean by that is I love dressing Jane up festively. Let's be real- it's not nearly as cute when I dress up festively. Jeff protests this desire of mine. He thinks it is "absurd, ridiculous, and unnecessary." to name a few. (side note, i will never spell unnecessary right without spell check. never.)

My husband may not be the only one who judges me for this. I'm thinking the people I sit next to in class who see me browsing online for Valentine's day tutus and green sparkly headbands for st.  patrick's day may think I'm a little weird. (student moms for the win).

Eh, i don't care. Give me all the holiday baby clothes/accessories!!!!

Okay im not crazy enough to really buy all of them. My frugalness usually trumps my obsessive festiveness. But there are some I can't really pass up.
(it's a weakness. but not one i am willing to completely overcome.)
In preparation for st. patrick's day, I found the cutest green sparkly headband from Willow Crowns. (!!!)
Hi husband, I confess! ;)

I think I will appeal to his logic by saying that this bow is a safety precaution. "You don't want our sweet baby to be pinched all day by strangers on march 17th, do you? great! hello sparkly green headband!" :) Introducing, the newest member of jane's headband collection. (As well as her daily golf ball routine that will probably make you laugh pretty hard...)
i see the ball. i want the ball.
i lick the ball.
i fumble the ball.
i see the ball. i want the ball. 

As you can see, this cute little shop has SO many cute bows and head accessories- it was so hard to choose only one. 
Like, agonizingly hard!
Here are some other festive beauties I have been eyeing lately from Willow Crowns. 

NO baby should be pinched on st. patrick's day. I'm a firm believer. ;)
So I'm offering one of my lovely readers one of these adorable st. patrick's day bows to choose from!
This would also make such a cute little gift if you don't have kids of your own.
You're welcome. :)

One lucky winner will be announced on friday, february 28th. may the odds be forever in your favor!

Also, if you don't win- here are some other super cute options that will be hard to resist. (or if you do win and you want more-ha!) Megan from Willow Crowns is offering 20% off all orders for my readers with the code: HAPPY
(because these head accessories make people happy, duh.)

 so cute for a first birthday! i'm dying.
(she does custom orders too so you can do this for any age)
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  1. I still want to babysit that adorable little girl!

    1. Kylie! We might need a babysitter this week. When are you free? JUst so i know when i could ask ya?

  2. How cute! My little niece is moving back to town and she just might need one of these so she doesn't get pinched too! :)

  3. I love the stacked shamrocks bow. Very clever.

  4. I don't know which one I would pick because they are all so adorable! I love reading your blog :)



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