Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

so. i went a week without sugar and on sunday i decided to make my favorite cookies to celebrate the break of my sugar fast. (i made a resolution to go one week a month without sugar.) So jeff and I decided to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Oh gosh I have the best recipe- I need to share it. And yes they are cookies so, not the best for you (but like i have said, life without cookies is not a life at all. okay maybe i've never said it out loud but i think it all the time.)-  I did, however, add and subtract a few ingredients to make them a bit more nutritious. (wheat flower, lessen amount of sugar, add flax seed, etc.)

ANYWAYS. We were making them and I was planning on bringing them to the girls I visit teach. So I had mixed everything and asked jeff to get the oatmeal for me. I never measure oatmeal so i just started pouring it in right from the oatmeal container. AND THEN.

It wasn't oatmeal. It was brown rice.

I buy brown rice in bulk and so I put it in old oatmeal containers for easy access. So....


I just gasped and stared and laughed. Looking at that rice infested cookie dough. I showed jeff and we just laughed and jeff suggested "Well at least take a picture so we have something to laugh about later!" Ha. We tried digging the rice out. And it was like trying to dig poppy seeds out of poppyseed muffins- impossible. We did our best and decided to put them in the oven anyways and just embrace the little rice crunches. It kinda felt like eating a sandwich. Literally a sandwich. With sand. Oh gosh. Bright side? At least it helped me to not binge eat those cookies like I might've done otherwise...

Oh, my life!!

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some little grains of rice that jeff picked out of his teeth while eating the cookies....
this tantrum may have had more to do with jane's intense hatred for green beans than for the misfortune of the rice cookies, but she wasn't happy about it either!

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  1. Hahaha! Oh my gosh. You had me laughing so hard while reading this! Thanks for a fun story and great laugh. :)



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