Wednesday, February 12, 2014

OH, the DRAMA!

Jane is a complete drama queen. (My husband does not wonder who she gets it from...)
She has mastered the fake cry AND the fake cough. She will force herself to cough because she knows whenever she coughs i freak out and pay immediate attention. Smart little bugger. Her fake cries are equal parts pathetic and hilarious and adorable. She makes the most ridiculous faces, too. Oh my goodness she kills me. See for yourself.
you can tell she is trying so hard to push out a convincing cry. (it didn't work)

 oh she smiled for one second because she loves me.
 but then she remembered "oh wait I'm crying for attention"
Please don't judge me for taking pictures of my crying baby. You can tell that she is faking anyways. I had just fed her, changed her, and dressed her. And this little picture sesh lasted about 5 seconds until she gave the look that you see in the last picture. Pure portrayal. At that point I gave in and picked her up, but i just HAD to document these hilariously DRAMATIC MY-LIFE-IS-DREADFULLY-ENDING faces she makes! Love that girl.

also just as an unrelated side note...i went to one of my evening classes in my running pants because i was going to run afterwards and as i was walking to class i was annoyed that they seemed to be falling down. what the heck? well when i got to the bathroom i realized...i put my running pants on backwards. PANTS. and i put them on backwards. ya...


  1. okay this is hilarious! i love it!

  2. Love that girl. :) She's getting little baby teeths! :)

  3. I took a picture of my crying baby yesterday. And also laughed at my very dramatic almost-teenager. When do they realize tantrums are amusing rather than manipulative.



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