Monday, March 17, 2014

a night away

i surprised jeff with a night at a holiday inn 20 minutes away from our apartment. Jane-less (thanks to my mother in law for watching her overnight!) for the first time. 
*come home from class on a wednesday evening
"jeff wanna go on a date?"
"but jane is about to go to bed..."
"your mom will watch her..."
"ok, what do you wanna do?"
"i have an idea, don't worry"

*in the car
"we are going to holiday inn!"
"WHAT? really?"
"BUT....i don't have my iPad."
"or a toothbrush...or anything"

"it's all packed honey"
big smiles all around.
now just envision a little boy on his way to disneyworld for the first time...

"i LOVE hotels. and I'm throwing my clothes and my stuff ALLLL over the floor and you can't even tell me to pick them up!"

"MUDDY BUDDIES! Kerri, freaking look up on pinterest how to make these!"

the next morning....chocolate hangover

Oh it was wonderful. We felt like we went on a full blown vacation and were just ridiculously giddy the whole time. We went shopping, swimming, relaxing, and i slept throughout the whole night without budging. It was like 15 hours of heaven. So simple. But so perfect. I love my husband! But I was so so anxious to see my baby again. Surprise successfully executed! (this is no easy feat when jeff is involved.)

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  1. Awwwww! So fun! Good for you guys for getting a night away. Getaways are the best. :-D



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