Monday, March 24, 2014

Family Hangover + bald spot pt. 2

I just got back from a weekend in St. George. I drove down all by myself. That was super scary for me- but that just shows how much I had been craving family time. I think the whole drive i was praying that I wouldn't get in a wreck or get pulled over. seriously? cops are my greatest fear. Whenever i even see a cop car my heart pounds through my chest for a good ten minutes. I've had a few unfortunate experiences with them. Wouldn't being a cop suck? "What do you do for a living?" "Oh I pull people over and completely obliterate any chances of them having a good day." Don't get me wrong, i believe in traffic violations but GOODNESS they scare the crap out of me.

Cop rant aside, I had a wonderful time in St. George with my grandparents, cousin, and sister. We watched frozen together the first night. And when I say WE, i mean I sat and watched it while they talked and ran around doing things while i just sat there laughing at all of the disney jokes and singing along. So i mean, i had fun. We just hung out, ate good food, and talked. (unfortunately not good for you food. oops) I managed to go on a 7.5 mile run, though. While packing, i failed to remember that St. George has blazing sun. (oh yeah i forgot it isn't cold old provo) SO like, the thick black running pants i brought were one of the biggest regrets of my life when I finished and my legs felt like fire.

Oh and another fun fact that was brought to my attention while in St. George? My hairstylist cousin Kara had just finished dying my hair when she said "what is this bald spot on the back of your head?" i laughed and thought she was kidding because i randomly got a bald spot on my head a few years ago after I got back from Africa. I had attributed it to the parasite I got. But now, parasite-free and lookey here, I got myself a brand new bald spot! (nope- to my awful horror she was not joking.) YIPEE!! Seriously though, next time it's going to be on the top of my head and I will want to die. I gave myself a good 20 minutes to be extremely dramatic about said bald spot, because REALLY? What kind of 22 year old woman gets raaaandom bald spots? Like, more than once. It is especially devastating to a busy momma who 9 times out of 10 throws her hair up into a messy bun. Yeah, well, not anymore. Because then my messy buns will turn into nothing but an embarrassing flaunting of my new shiny splotch of skin on the back of my head.

lets compare.

first bald spot
(this is me looking in the mirror in africa)

current bald spot.
SO CUTE ohmygosh.

Anyways, before I knew it, it was time to drive back home. BAH. this was jane's reaction when i told her we had to leave. She was probably mimicking my dramatic antics.

Jane and I really had so much fun, and of course the only pictures I took were of her. 
 jane loves her aunt rachel
and anything soft (read: silky)
and doing leg raises in church
and wearing stripes like mommy.

I got home and was so happy to see my husband; but soon, the familiar pit in my stomach that I always get after leaving family started to settle real good. It's just the 'back to reality, away from the people who love me' feeling that makes you feel depressed a little bit. I'm not sure if these feelings are really warranted but I let myself feel them for awhile before coming back to the realization that returning to 'real life' is actually pretty dang good for me. I'm pretty lucky to have my baby and husband, and our small little apartment full of love and laughs and happiness as my beautiful reality.


  1. Looks like so much fun - your hair looks adorable and I love that dress! Glad you got some family time :) Love you!

  2. what a crazy bald spot! I didn't know that could happen. Did it totally grow in last time, and now it's a whole new one? I wonder if it's related to stress or something. That's nuts. Anyway I'm so glad you got to go hang out with family in wonderfully hot St. George!! And way to go driving there by yourself! I remember you told me you hate driving. haha. I know how you feel needing to be with family. :)



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