Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the discovery of a bird

there is a thing. the thing is weird. it is banging its weird head into the ground, repeatedly. oh my HECK it just had a seizure and floated up into the sky.

I'm thinking this is what was going through jane's head as she experienced her first encounter with a little red robin. (not the restaurant, i wishhhh)
It was quite the event in her little world. As evidenced by her facial expression that accompanied it:

 I gave her some time to recuperate from the event and then we continued on in the stroller. She then proceeded to take both of her shoes off, for the tenth time that day; and then eat them. Because just like everything else, duh, they are food.
(i forgave her after this smile)

We played in the grass for awhile afterwards. Jane climbed on me and laughed giddily as I pretended to munch her hands off. (why that is the funniest thing in the universe to her, I will never know.) Oh! It was one of those perfect moments that I wanted to last forever. But then she somehow found a worm to play with and when I saw it, I shrieked; and we both went inside and took a nap.

"i'm a model and i know it."

oh and...let's go ahead and count this as her 10 month update....she's 10 months old, everybody! there.


  1. so happy i found your blog!!
    i can't believe you have a baby ahh!

    she is adorable!

    1. I love your blog too! I know it's still crazy to me that I have a baby, but it sure is fun!

  2. OMG Overdose of cuteness!
    Following you now with GFC. Will appreciate if you follow back too!

  3. oh my heck Kerri. You have THE cutest daughter in the whole world! I just want to kiss her face every time I see her!



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