Thursday, May 15, 2014

Probably getting gorgeously tan in summerrrrrr

this little thing hanging on our wall causes me so much stress. but have no fear, there are a lot more than 5 tally marks on this thing now. 
So, technically, it is summer. Because, school is out, and summer sales, duh. But also, mother nature disagrees. Cuz remember a couple days ago when it was may 12th and there was a 24 hour blizzard, which yielded us 12 inches of beautiful, yet miserable and incredibly inconvenient snow?!

silver lining: jeff didn't have to work that day it snowed. door to door salesmen and mid-may blizzards don't go well together. so i got to hang out with jeff aaaaaand he finally watched Frozen with me.

we kinda splurged a little bit that night too. so here is the story. we were all going to go swimming with jeff's coworkers and wives. all dressed in our swim suits ready to go. get in the car and realize it's a 45 minute drive so we are like "hahaha NEVERMIND". because, bedtime. so what do we do? go to target and spend all the money he didn't make that day. we bought our first tv, monumental. but then i realized jane was still wearing a swim diaper, which, i don't even know if it needs to be said because of how obvious it is, but those things are absolutely good for...NOTHING. nothing at all. so i picked her up out of the cart, because as usual she was trying to climb out, and she was soaked in her own pee. so i made jeff put her in her carseat because i didn't really want to touch her. ya...swim diapers and babies and shopping- never again.

so then we needed food, clearly. and jeff's favorite thing in the whole world is fast food. so we were pulled up to a new fast food restaurant when i was like "NO, NEVERMIND, I REFUSE TO EAT FAST FOOD." Health, and all that jazz, trumped my desire for a big juicy burger. So then jeff said "ok, if you aren't eating then i'm going to mcdonalds." OBVIOUSLY. I was having a predicament and said out loud:

"the problem is, i don't want to eat fast food, but i don't like healthy food either right now."
his response was pretty good: "that's why you eat mcdonalds. it makes you feel good for about 10 minutes, and then sick for the rest of the day. and after that you won't want to eat junk for a really long time."

touche. but it wasn't enough to make me eat mcdonalds.
although as i was passing the frantic baby a fry, in desperation, to stop her from crying, i think one of them (or 5) might've accidentally slipped into my mouth.

i think i went home and ate some baked apple chips and carrots for dinner. please clap for me if you are reading this.

well i intended this post to be a documentation of jane and all her cute little things. but i guess it went in an entirely different direction. OOPS. i'll update on jane another day.
she is a dang riot.

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  1. This made me laugh so hard. What a random day, I'm so glad you documented this. I feel like Joel is more like you health wise, and I'm more like Jeff. So we're kinda the opposite!



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