Wednesday, May 21, 2014

little janie things

12 things for (almost) 12 months that I never want to forget :)

1.     she loves shaking her head, profusely. I don’t think she quite knows that it means “NO”, but if her head shaking is any indication of how often she will use that word later on in life, then we will have a disobedient little girl on our hands!
2.     Her favorite thing is to read books. It’s the only time she will sit still so I also love it :) although I need to get a library card ASAP because I am getting SO sick of reading the same 10 books over and over. And over. And over. Anyways, she likes to read them by herself sometimes and point at all the pictures, babble, and her favorite: turn the pages!
3.     She makes this smacking sound with her mouth when she is happy or hungry. And oh boy, is she proud of herself when she does it.
4.     She says two words: “Momma” and “Bapa” for daddy.
5.     When she eats, she says “MMmmm” repeatedly. And she also grunts with excitement.
6.     She does these little weird seizure things when she gets excited. She will like flex her whole body, in unison with a happy grunt. (so like, she loves to grunt). It’s hard to explain, but let’s just say that the first time my brother saw her do it he was like “uhhh, does she have a tick or something?” “Nope, she is just excited.” Haha. That girl always has us laughing- SO dramatic!
7.     She is THE most social baby in the universe. If someone is playing with her, she is happy. i feel so lucky to be her buddy pretty much alllll the time :)
8.     Sometimes she pretends to choke because she knows it will get my attention. No joke.
9.     Her favorite foods are: blueberries, bananas, sweet potatoes, string cheese, black beans, and deli turkey. But she pretty much eats everything (except for eggs), and I am bound and determined to keep it that way.
10. She actually doesn’t really like taking baths. All she wants to do is try to climb out of the tub the whole time because, duh, everything is a jungle gym. (including me, I’m actually her favorite jungle gym.)
11. She loves getting her hair done. She will freeze and stare at herself in the mirror when I’m doing her hair. Totally out of character for her to hold still, OR be cooperative. But it makes me very happy!
12. She is so hyper and giddy after bath time. It’s my favorite :)

yep my baby only has less than 2 weeks before she is ONE! this has been such a fun year. I'm working on a video right now that is kind of a montage of her life so far- i will post it on her actual birthday.


  1. So cute!! Jane has the most adorable little personality! I can't wait to see what my baby girl will be like :) And hey, let's catch up soon I miss you dude.

  2. Why do they grow up too fast? Your little girl is so adoraaaaable! Advanced happy birthday to her!

    Ochi In The City



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