Monday, June 2, 2014

Jane's Birthday.

Ok so NO. Sorry to rain on your parade, but do not come here for ideas of cute first year birthday parties because heaven knows i did not spend hours planning and making decorations and all that stuff for a baby who will literally not care at all. I'm just not that cool i guess. Buuuuut, later on, when my kids are older, I think I will have a blast making it as pretty, fun, and special as possible. But for the first birthday, a cupcake and a few presents will more than suffice.

We went to my mom's house and had some cousins over to have a small little celebration. My sister and I made Homemade vanilla cupcakes with strawberry whipped cream frosting. They are pretty much the most dang delicious cupcakes in the universe. And jane was quite fond of them as well. I think she ate more sugar this day than her entire life combined, times two. So, she was definitely in heaven.

at first she was like "umm hello, can you all please get a life and stop watching me eat my cupcake? k great thanks..."
 ...and now onto licking the ice cream bowl clean.

She opened her presents. AKA we all took turns opening her presents for her. 
^^ im so glad my 14 year old sister rachel is enjoying jane's new ABC book more than jane.....HA!

Her favorite present was this silky little animal blanky that i got her. there is nothing she loves more than silky/soft things. So i knew she would love it. Nailed that on the head. She did her giddy little laugh and stuffed it in her face when i showed it to her. (the cutest!) Then she stuck her little fingers in her mouth, just like she does every time she is holding something soft :)

It was a fun day! That girl sure is loved!

At the end of the little party, we all watched the video I made of her first year.
janie's first birthday from Kerri Andersen on Vimeo.


  1. Happy 1st Birthday Cute Janie!! She is such a doll. I love how she's sitting on top of the table, center of attention and totally absorbed in that cupcake! :) You are one great chef. Glad you had some family around to celebrate too. I'm with you on the low-key birthdays, especially when they are turning ONE! haha people go so crazy for no reason. And I love that movie. So cute.

  2. I love little Jane!!! Crazy to think I started reading your blog before you had her! Woah. Can I just say I am so glad you didn't go all out on a birthday party? I mean, you are right that she'll never remember! I think some women are crazy and competitive when it comes to that kind of stuff!

  3. Loved the movie- I forgot how teeny tiny she was!! So sweet. Happy birthday Jane!!

  4. Love it!! :) Jane has so much hair these days!! Happy birthday Jane!

  5. I totally share your philosophy about 1st birthdays. :) YAY!

  6. my kids and I enjoyed Jane's movie. It made me miss you all over again.



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