Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Scenes

 who knew that a grassy hill (and plenty of snacks) is all a one year old baby really needs to be entertained and wear herself out real good? its pretty rad because a worn out baby = a tired baby who takes a long nap. that also means a mom who can take a nap at the same time and still have time to maybe, clean the bathroom or something. or pick up jane's pile of books for the 12th time that day.

continuing on with the playing in the grass rant...i just love sitting in the grass feeling the warm sun on my shoulders and gasping as jane shows me another cool leaf she found. She picks things up and thrusts them high up in the air, as high as her little arms can reach, to show them to me. Even if i am sitting at her level. And then, she must show me everything else around us as well. She points at nothing, and everything.

Sometimes as she is exploring I will wave at her and I can watch the wheels turning in her brain. hmm, she waved at me. that means i should wave back. this includes flailing my hand in her general direction. NOW...where did my hands go again? oh! there! we go. And eventually, after going through all of that in her mind, she will wave back. Hence, the usual 10 second delay. HA.

Jane loves the pool. She loves the park. She loves dogs- always chasing after any dog she sees. She loves swings, and she loves crawling in the grass. She loves summer. And so do I.

oh and lets not forget, that even though her daddy is pretty much always working, we really love him too. yes, we love our mornings with him the most.


  1. OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOUR BABY!!!! she is so cute and i love her spunky personality!! Wonder where she gets it from... ;)

  2. She's adorable in that swim suit!



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