Friday, June 13, 2014

3 random things this morning.

1. i was supposed to not be eating sugar this week. but this morning i really wanted captain crunch. (gross). and for some reason, i ate it. even though this is like the 20th time i craved sugar this week, i chose to give in for a bowl of captain crunch, which i never crave and never eat. but oh boy, it was just so worth it.  i've never felt so fulfilled after giving into a craving. it's not something i'm proud of but not something i regret either.

oh and I'm starting whole30 tomorrow. NOT. oops forgot for a second that i wasn't every other blogger/woman on the planet. HA. i seriously don't know how people do that. i can eat healthy, but that's a whole new level of insanity. maybe one day, when it's no longer a trendy fad, i will try it- just to prove to myself that i can do it.

2. jeff woke up with jane this morning and let me sleep in a bit. when he had to leave for work he came and gave me a kiss and looked into my eyes and smiled a real sincere and love-filled smile. "stay beautiful" he said to me, in my pajamas, with my messy morning hair, make-up less face, and still-sleepy eyes. but when he said it, he sounded like he truly meant it. that's love.

3. the only reason i ever wish i was a boy is so that i wouldn't have to deal with my nasty head of hair every dang day. i'm so over it. i probably have the number 1 worst hair in the world. i will seriously trade anyone.

other than the hair, life is oh so good this morning.

1 comment:

  1. I'm impressed that you went that long without sugar! Captain crunch would've made me give in too. :) Miss you guys tons.



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