Wednesday, June 25, 2014

two fun weekends

so, a week ago i went to utah for my friend nina's wedding.
this weekend included a barbecue with friends and family- the one where i was officially introduced to cheddarwursts.

it was kinda crazy and stressful trying to get rides everywhere and do everything with a baby in tow. 
not just a baby, a very busy, demanding, and active one year old.
always making things interesting.
 this girl was basically my cheaufer. 
and my cousins bailey and daniel.
bless all of their souls.
 i bought a new skirt to match the colors even though i wasn't a bridesmaid. 
(any excuse to go to down east)
 it was wonderful to be there. weddings are just the BEST.

 i stuffed jane's face with crackers all weekend to settle her down. 
hence, the face full of crumbs.

OK. so that weekend ended. and then a couple days later i drove back up to utah with my family for my cousin's farewell. 
so, a lot of utah was happening in my life last week.
not complaining.

because it consisted of picking cherries straight from a heaven-sent cherry tree.

and wearing matching shirts with my younger sister.

and sitting in the grass eating drumsticks until 10pm. (the sun still shining all the while)
summer solstice rocks my world.

i actually didn't eat ice cream. or give jane any.
but that didn't stop her uncle from sneaking her some bites.
(no wonder she likes him)

i meant to be really good at taking pictures of this weekend. but it turns out i only took pictures a few times. and all the times i did, jane had bed head. so, that's cute.
i guess if anyone can pull it off, she can.

jane was kind of spoiled all weekend. 
but also, she was not a fan of all the change.
a pack n play is no worthy substitute for her perfect pink crib at home.
all the people giving her attention freaked her out.
which was totally unlike her.
but there were times when she did let other people play with her.

... but only the people who had toy cars for her to play with...

ALL my cousins on my mom's side were there. and of course, one of them had a birthday.
it was bound to happen.
it was fun to celebrate jenna's birthday- what a sweet girl she is.
we ate a really yummy cake,
for which there were about 10 requests that sounded similar to:
"i want the piece with the frosting flower the size of my head!!"
ring a bell to anyone?
....oh, children.

and then this little boy, my baby-est cousin.
born about 8 hours before jane on the same day.
we were hoping they would be best buds.
no such luck, mostly due to miss grumpy pants. (jane)

anyways, it was a great couple weekends- both packed with lots of people i love, and even more food.
i'm still recovering from all the delicious food consumed. food comas can last a long time, turns out.

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  1. You look so good Kerri and Jane is SO cute! And congratulations to Nina!



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