Sunday, August 17, 2014

August so far..

A few things.
I just was scrolling through some of my old blog posts and like, ALL of my posts start with the word "so" or "k so…"
wow. i am so exhaustingly creative.

I have managed to take a lot of pictures this month. Mostly random ones, but ones i want to share nonetheless. So I'm just gonna slap 'em all into one blog post instead of trying to think of more "creative" ideas for multiple different blog posts.

here are some random things pertaining to the month of august.

 I went on a shopping spree for jane- my first "big" one, and jeff will never get over it. He is having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that people aren't going to buy all her clothes for her like they did her first year.  (baby showers…etc) Because the cold hard truth is that after the first year, they have kinda lost their novelty. ha... was so much fun though.

 Here is a picture of us being so reverent in church.

So i don't know how to transition into this but uhm...we went on a beautiful hike to helen hunt falls.

 obligatory family picture.
classic- accidental selfie.
This cute emma girl was staying with us. She comes downstairs wearing this shirt and I'm like brb I gotta change. 2 minutes later and BAM- twins.
 We climbed those dangerously steep rocks. for awhile because…they were steep. It was so cute because when jane saw me up there, she got all nervous and a pathetic whimper turned into a very concerned cry for her mother. She was legitimately worried about me. When i got back down she was all smiles. it was so cute!

we love hiking!

The same day, Jeff woke up and decided jane needed multiple pairs of shoes because "all the other babies at church her age are wearing shoes!" I never have bothered buying them for her because jeff always has said they are a waste, so i was really surprised when he decided we needed to buy her shoes. And would you look at this little diva?

My good friend had her baby and I got to hold him for a looong time and i was in heaven. Jeff did too, and this was the first newborn he has held since jane. tear.

OH MY GOSH! Maybe the best part of august. Jeff did THE cutest thing for me and it was so romantic. he made up a little scavenger hunt with like 12 different clues around the house, using my favorite candies. i said: "wow jeff…you really DO have a romantic bone in your body!" and he said "yeah…maybe one or two. but i think they are the tiny little bones in your ear"
Anyways, he made me so happy! and he came up with it all on his own. gold star for him.

The next night we set up a tent in the backyard. (my mom's backyard, we are living there for the next week. no we didn't suddenly get rich and buy a house) My husband made a fire pit so we could roast marshmallows and hot dogs! It was so fun :)
Little secret. We didn't even end up sleeping in the tent. When the time came, we were like…umm our nice warm bed is right here. Why leave?

Jane has been a cuddle bug lately and its making all my dreams come true.

Sometimes I wear make up. Sometimes I curl my hair. But due to the rarity of BOTH of those things happening on the same day, a family picture was necessary.

Yesterday, one of my very best friends gave a talk in church before she leaves for her mission. Hannah and I have been friends for SO long and have been through a lot together. Occasionally, you meet a person and you instantly love them and you instantly KNOW they are very much supposed to be apart of your life. That has always been Hannah for me. I have never had a friendship quite like the one I have with her and I wouldn't trade it for the world. She is a bright ray of sunshine, personified. TRULY! And the love I have for her is overwhelming! I'm really going to miss that Hannah. 

Last but not least, Jeff and I have been married for two years! We celebrated on saturday by going out to dinner and talking about our favorite memories that we have made together. Turns out there is a lot of them! I love this man. He really is amazing.
Oh and if you are interested, here is the video i made for our 2nd anniversary :)


  1. Hey,
    i really really like your blog! it looks really good and you have interesting stuff on your blog!
    would you like to follow each other? if yes.. please follow me via gfc and i follow you back :)

    Greetings from Germany

  2. Oh man, the funny Andersens are back. the "little bones in your ear" is cracking up me up. Also, I watched your 2 year movie and all I could do was ask myself how many pics of me and my husband I took this year. Maybe 2, or just 1? Let's just say my movie would be pretty short. I need to take more of just us, yours were just so sweet!



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