Saturday, August 16, 2014

MY baby.

my baby says "baby" now. 
usually your kids grow and everyone notices but you because you are with them everyday. but lately it has seemed like jane is noticeably bigger, noticeably smarter, everyday. 
but holy cow i can't talk enough about how much joy this girl brings. this age, although it may bring about some my-baby-is-NOT-a-baby tears, is SO fun.

we can play together. we can dance together. we can read together. we can laugh real good together. we can bark every time we see a dog together. 

to commemorate my big baby, here are som pictures from the other day.
it was a good one.

but sometimes while i watch her sleep she still does that sucking motion with her mouth that she has done since she was a newborn and i'm relieved to know that there is still some baby left in her. my sweet sweet baby. i love you forever.

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