Friday, August 8, 2014

across the whole dang universe

so remember when i said jeff and i were going to go on some trips? well we did. OLD SCHOOL. apparently we don't believe in airplanes in this family. i already documented our trip to nauvoo. (24 hours of driving) then we drove up to rexburg, idaho. (12 hours of driving). we went to my sweet sister-in-law's graduation.

we had lots of fun in little old rexburg. obviously we went bridge jumping. i stood on the ledge of the bridge for like 25 minutes, being a big fat wussy baby. then some random little 4 year old waltzes over and jumps off the bridge, and i was like great, now i have to jump because a 4 year old just jumped. so i did and it was scary. everyone was telling me "kerri if you jump you can blog about it". so here i am. plus my husband loves me more now, so.
after rexburg, we drove to farmington, new mexico just to stay for a night. (12 hours of driving) jane was so good with all this driving. every time we were about to put her in the carseat, she would scream and hold onto us for dear life. but once she was strapped in, she kinda just chills out and accepts her dreadful fate.
the next day we woke up and drove to alamogordo, new mexico where another one of my sister in law's live with her 3 freakishly adorable kids. (7 hours of driving)
we ate healthy delicious food that stephanie made us. she is very health conscious which i was so excited about because road trip food is sub par.
and we had a blast all swimming together one day.
no worries i was just blinded by the sun. 

THEN we drove to houston (12 more hours). YA IT'S LIKE NEVERENDING. jane bonded with her grandparents big time. we got to see another one of jeff's sisters + family. i used a sewing machine for the first time, under my mother-in-laws watchful eye. i mean can i even get more domestic?! while we were there, we all got fit-bits and spent most of our time trying to out-step each other. pacing back and forth in their tiny little apartment. i seriously love my fit bit!
and i went to trader joes for the first time!! i screamed when i saw it and jeff almost crashed. oops
somehow, jeff ended up with his dad's motorcycle which meant that he had to drive it from houston back to colorado springs. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ya that really happened and we are both alive to tell you about it (thank goodness). i drove the car by myself with jane and he rode the motorcycle for 16 hours of driving. it was the worst road trip of both of our lives. i could delve into that whole mess but let's just say that he better enjoy that dang motorcycle.
i will admit that through those close to 100 hours of driving, i loved my road trip buddy :) yeah all those hours sitting in the car + all the stressful things that happened, we were bound to get annoyed with each other at times. BUT seriously we had so much fun. like jeff has said multiple times in our marriage: "we are a driving family!" L-O-V-E him.


  1. Aww, it looks like you had a great time! My family is more of a plane family, haha :) But bridge jumping actually sounds like a lot of fun, honestly. Mckenzie xx
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  2. i was cracking up when you said you screamed at seeing trader joes for the first time. i do the same thing over and over again. this whole post was gold!!!



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