Sunday, September 21, 2014

How Marriage (Jeff) Has Changed Me

I saw this on a few blogs and I seriously NEVER do these sorts of things but it seemed like something I might have wanted to do regardless, so here I am, I suppose.

Jeff has changed me in so many ways. Mostly for the good. Here are a few of them that I was able to brainstorm while simultaneously watching an episode of Bones... (talent)

- I roll my mac charger up VERY carefully now as if the entire thing was lined with mini pipe bombs that would blow me up if I make one wrong move. It's some serious stuff. (in his mind...)

- I don't spend 90% of my time sulking in despair over stupid boys who don't text me back or who kissed another girl the day after he kissed me. PHEWF! I do NOT miss those days.

- I know how to shoot a gun and am mentally prepared for a myriad of different 'dangerous scenarios' because my husband likes to think up these scenarios in his spare a perfectly normal human being.

- I know ALL the army acronyms. Ok, maybe I haven't committed them to memory but I've certainly heard about all of them on more than one occasion.

- I am a lot less selfish. This is a given because if you want to have a good marriage you must flush a lot of that selfishness down the TOILET. (after you clean it of course, because...that's what wives do i guess.)

- I know about 3 million more random as heck 'interesting facts' than I did before I married Jeff.

- I've learned the proper way to put tooth paste on your tooth brush. Ya, I didn't know there was a proper way either....

- I have better social skills. My husband is the master and he is always giving me tips on what to say in certain awkward situations. I'm so grateful for that quality of's impossible for anyone to feel awkward around him.

- I've learned to be able to spend money without having a mild panic attack.

- I've learned to enjoy life in the moment so much more. Jeff has taught me how to do this, and I'm so grateful to do life with him.


  1. Nice list!!! I'm not a huge fan of doing what other bloggers are doing either, but hey! It gave me something to blog about other than the baby haha! That sure is a great talent! Good multitasking ;) I had to sit alone and think with zero distractions haha

  2. I feared that since the place we chose for wedding reception was at a Country Club my guests would see people leaving as they were coming in. But we had no issues.

  3. i love all of these!! (i've learned how to shoot a gun since being married too, maybe it's a guy thing?) i especially love what you said about learning to be unselfish. it's so hard, but so important. xoxo



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