Monday, January 19, 2015

Big Changes!

Do you want to know why I need a back rub right now? Because I always need a back rub. But also because my husband and I are living apart for the next 5 months. This may come as a shock to many, seeing as how I've given about .01 updates in the recent past. Jeff is going to an officer training (for the army) in Missouri while Jane and I are staying with some family in Utah.

This separation will be hard but I know that trials are necessary, and misery is optional. There are still so many things to be happy about. 

So after the 5 month husband drought, we will be together again and move to our first station. UHM do you want to know where it is? GERMANY. Ya we are going to live in Germany. For FOUR years. I'm going to have a baby in Germany. (More than one, I'm sure) We are going to travel Europe as a young little family and it will be a crazy hard, but rewarding adventure! Let it be known, this is the army and nothing is ever set in stone! So right now I'm saying we are going to Germany but there is always that random chance that in a month they will be like "HAHA JK you are going to Kansas."

Jane is just my happy spot. She went through a little rough patch a few weeks ago that made me question my ability to be a good mother; but I seemed to have figured her out a little bit better and now she is just a constant ray of sunshine. Her mouth is just exploding with so many new words and phrases that keep me laughing all day. 

So since I'm updating everything I better say a bit about, ya know, pregnancy. I'm about 14 weeks now and I love being pregnant. I had such a normal pregnancy this time. Nauseous, yes. But manageable. Tired, heck yes. Jane's nap time = my nap time. And sometimes accidental naps not during jane's nap time. Oops! But after the first trimester I'm actually feeling better! That did NOT happen when I was pregnant with Jane, so I'm happy to be experiencing the golden second trimester, free of vomit and all things sickness.

Now that I got this general update out of the way, I can finally start blogging regularly...and maybe convince a few more of you to stick around and not give up on me forever.

 Jeff decided to butter me right up before we were separated, making it that much harder to leave him! These beautiful flowers, exhibit A.
 Little Baby Bump. I love it.

Hanging out in the car. IT'S PARKED PEOPLE.


  1. 5 things...

    one. i quite enjoy it when you blog.
    two. i'm so excited for your baby number two and the fact that you aren't deathly ill.
    three. GERMANY??!?!?! that's so crazy but also pretty awesome. you will have such cultured little humans.
    four. i guess i really only had three main things.
    five. wait, i thought of something... when do you find out what you are having?

    1. Haha loved this comment :) so our new insurance is going to need to be processed and all that but when that's over with I'll try to find a place that'll tell me ASAP. Probably at least another month though but I'm quite anxious :) I'm also very happy I wasn't as sick this much better! Also Your little family is the cutest- you all have so much fun together, I love it :)

  2. I canNOT believe you are moving to Germany!!!! That's where my best friend was born, on the army base there. Now she can't donate blood... haha. #randomfact
    Haha like I can say any better.... I'm living in Sweden.... Soooo road trip?! You come see us and we'll come down to you!! Seriously, there are cheap flights that go around Europe! My husband just doesn't travel much, but I am itching to travel since I don't know how much longer we'll live here ya know?! We need to take more advantage!! Sorry for the long rant.... but I'm excited for you guys. :D

  3. germany?? what an amazing adventure!! and what a fun change for your little family!

    ps, you are the cutest preggo ever.

  4. Wow that's so crazy!!! At least he'll make it home right before you have the baby! Congrats on Germany though! Very exciting. My sister's family lives in Abu Dhabi right now and have lived all over the world so hearing Germany is nothing new to me. You will have such great experiences and grow closer together!

  5. Totally exciting woman! about everything. Nick went out of town for 2 days last week and I about went crazy. You are a trooper. (haha, army puns :)) Miss you.

  6. My cousin was born in Germany, and she turned out totally normal. Well, mostly... ha ha. That's so exciting for your family!! CONGRATS! I'm sorry you have to be separated for five months... my husband and I did that about a year and a half ago, and it was tough but really helped us grow as a couple. I have a book of really weird (and mostly random) things to do for long distance couples to help them stay feeling close. It was passed on to me by an army friend of mine...I would love to pass it along to you if you feel like sending your address! (I think you still have my e-mail?) Anyway, congrats on your next chapter!



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