Monday, March 9, 2015

Half way there!

So Uhm, this pregnancy is going by a lot faster than my first. I'm halfway through and have hardly documented a darn thing. Im so bad at blogging lately. Im like, yuck yuck yuck don't wanna blog and then suddenly one day- boom- the stars align and I feel like I could easily pump out 3 posts in a day.

So yeah. This pregnancy has been crazy. Insurance has been a complete nightmare and I've had to cancel many doctor's appointments. It creates anxiety in me like nothing else! Hello?! Isn't awesome insurance just about the only perk of being in the army? (ok besides having a hot, hard working, army guy as a husband) Well that's just a perk that I have yet to experience, and am at a point where I don't believe if I ever will experience that little perk called insurance.

- Weight gain is pretty slow at this point, which is fine with me. I've eaten much healthier this pregnancy. Of course, my aunt and uncle I'm living with always have crackers and chips in their house. Something I never have in my house because, pig woman to the rescue! I have still been going strong with the no sugar. I think I've caved 3 times, but only when it involved a hot out of the oven chocolate chip cookie. That's the one thing that is always worth it to me.

- I've realized that no matter how long I go without sugar, I will always and forever crave homemade chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and sour gummy worms.
- On the flip side of health, I've been doing horrible at exercising. I could sit here and give you excuses or I could just say, whoops! sucks to suck.

- Nesting? I wish. Who the heck knows where we will even be living when I have this baby. Probably Germany. Maybe the army will change their mind. But if we are in Germany, we still won't have any of our stuff when the baby is born because it takes like 3 years for them to ship us our stuff, by BOAT. (3 yrs = 60 days)

- My little babe loves to be curled up as LOW as humanly possible. So even though my belly doesn't really fill them out yet, I have had to start wearing maternity jeans. Also, on that same note, my bladder has been suffering from the 'how low can you go?' situation. I've had to make up games for jane to do while "mommy goes potty" yet again. If she could speak in full sentences, she would always be asking "mom, didn't you do this like 10 minutes ago?" and I would always reply with a "yes dear, I sure did." #bladdersaretrampolines #apparently

- Jane loves my "baby" that she points out everytime she catches a glimpse of my tummy. She kisses my tummy and says "ohhh! baby sister!" (baby sis-duhhh) It is stinking adorable.

- This little baby also loves music! Every time I'm playing piano or listening to music she starts having a little dance party.

- I've SO enjoyed this pregnancy. Despite the frustrations with insurance, I'd say it's just been wonderful. Yes I had sickness, but only the first trimester- and it was manageable. And the second trimester has been a dream! I'm already quite fond of this little nugget. I have no problem imagining loving her as much as I love Jane. Which is a dang LOT.


  1. Awe! Congrats on half way mark. Sorry you've had insurance troubles... That's no fun.

  2. You are seriously too cute!!!! You look great pregnant... Every womens dream!! But seriously when you move to Germany we should visit each other!!! It is pretty "close" ;)

  3. Pump out the rest of your posts, I never can get enough of your blog. On the topic of nesting, I've only just barely started nesting, and I'm 5 weeks away. Except my nesting involves moving 4 tires around our apartment trying to make them look like they actually belong somewhere and also trying to allow room in here for another human. It's been fun. Miss you and wish we could eat sour gummy worms together!!!



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