Thursday, March 12, 2015

If you're searching for coherency, this is not the place.

I think I might be serious when I say, this age (21 months) is my favorite!! ..Oh that's hard though because I just thought of how cute newborns are. And how cute 6 month olds are....and 9 months. and... all of the months. But 21 months is just SO FUN.

- I'm so proud of Jane's taste buds. She has a real life love for fruits and vegetables. I mean, besides the obvious (candy) fruits and veggies are her favorite food. Her favorite veggies are Broccoli, avocado, zucchini, squash, carrots, celery, Peas, and cucumber. And her favorite fruit is probably oranges. Cuties to be exact. Second runner up = grapes; but she LOVES all fruit. She isn't a big meat eater though (cant win 'em all!) so if she were a dinosaur, she'd be one of those nice little herbivores.

...And I guess it wouldn't be honest to leave this topic without mentioning pizza ("howt-sa"). Because that girl LOOOOVES her pizza. 
oh...and lets not forget about her ice cream...

- I'm also proud of Jane's brain. (not inherited from me) She recognizes about half the letters in the alphabet by now. Sometimes i'll try to teach her a new letter so I'll write it out and ask her what it is. (just for kicks and giggles) TWICE now, she has told me exactly what letter it is without any hesitation. She apparently remembers from me pointing it out in a book maybe once or twice, amongst a sea of other letters. It is actually CRAZY!

- So the other day I got rear-ended. Claps for 17 year old teenage boys...but I felt bad for the kid. I mean, we've all been there right? But yeah my trunk won't close now so I had to tie it down like a freaking survivor woman with some rope I found in my trunk. Just until they can finally get their insurance to pay for it. In other words, they are taking their sweet time, and the kid I initially felt bad for is no longer considered an accommodating human. Him and his dad are also no longer people I would categorize as considerate....shout out to you two! (because everyone knows how far-reaching my blog is.) My car is lookin' real classy thanks to you.

- The cutest bum picture I've ever seen. It also is a picture that quite well encompasses motherhood. I'm looking homeless, but at least she is (about to be) clean, and fed!

- So I decided to reminisce a bit. I have so many of these mommy/baby/bath selfies. Look at that baby! It makes it so obvious that she isn't a baby at all anymore.

- Confession time, that is also unrelated to jane- (whaaaaa?!). I love the bachelor. It is THE guiltiest pleasure I have, but I cannot ever deny how ridiculously entertaining it is. If any of you have the same guilty pleasure, please share your thoughts of this crazy season! Here is me in a nutshell:
Carly > Britt. Kaitlyn > everyone else. Both Ashleys --> bachelor in paradise plz & thx.

- I'm currently thinking that hawaii sounds pretty good right now? I mean...just a trip to hawaii? With my husband and baby? Sounds pretty good right about now. Or just a sweet vacation. Maybe because most of my in-laws are in France right now doing... who-knows-what, because I've never been there. But I can't imagine it being anything less than stellar, complete with delicious pastries, desserts, fancy cheeses, and fancy places. Anyways, if you just so happen to be dying to fund a nice little vacation for our family, we're accepting applications now.

But soon, France, along with a handful of other rockstar european countries, will be my next door neighbor...and I think I can handle that.

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