Friday, June 5, 2015

My Baby is TWO!

2 years ago,  (and a few days, I'm a little late on account of moving to germany) this day happened.

That was the absolute best day of my life.

This little girl brings me so much joy. And I kinda hate sentences like that; the ones that encompass so much more than anybody could ever describe or imagine. Being her mother is quite the spectacular gift. I've loved these past two years with her. 

For her birthday this year, we spent the day on a plane and on a long bus ride. Poor girl. We celebrated the day before we left, though, and the highlight of the day was her ice cream cone. She had been looking forward to that ice cream cone for weeks. And based on her blissful reaction, it lived up to every expectation that she had. :) Not to mention, grandma murdock "damma dee-dock", and lots of other loved ones, were there to share it with her.

Also, since we were pretty much all packed with no room left in the suitcases, I didn't really buy her any presents, unless you count a balloon that said "Congrats Grad" on it because I couldn't find any birthday ones and she can't read. Boom. Instead I took her to wal-mart and let her play with ALL the toys in the toy aisle for probably a solid hour and a half.

I also made chicken alfredo pasta for dinner because my dad made it for her once,  and she scarfed down a whole plate full in about 2 minutes. Well, this time, she took one taste and pushed her plate away, in conjunction with the phrase: "Don't want it!" ....HA. Instead she ate a big bowl of all her favorite fruits and a bunch of green beans. And then of course the ice cream cone. :)

We had a good last day with our second family, who we have been staying with for the past 5 months. I cannot express the love we BOTH have for all of them. 

Obviously nothing extravagant but she went to bed smiling, and spent most of the day smiling- so in my mind it was a complete success :) I sure love that girl!

I made a 2 year video for her. Just like I did last year for her first birthday :) Watch if you're a Jane fan!

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