Thursday, May 28, 2015

33 weeks

Here is the TRUE breakdown of pregnancy: 1st quarter: weeks 1-20; 2nd quarter 20-30 weeks; 3rd quarter 30-36 weeks; 4th quarter 37-40(+-) weeks.

Oh, it's so true. I've learned from experience that celebrating being "HALFWAY THROUGH ALREADY?!" is a bit futile. And 30 weeks? That sounds so far along! But guess what. You are already huge and you still have TEN weeks to go. I'm 33 weeks. Still in the 3rd quarter, and focusing more on our upcoming move to another continent rather than the arrival of our sweet little babe. Keeping my impatience with pregnancy at bay ;)
So fitting, that cute little head popping up over the counter. Little do you know she is actually whining at me saying "Stop it mommaaaa.....Knock it offfffff." How, may I ask, do you explain to an almost 2 year old that you are allowed to boss her around, but she is not allowed to boss you around. HA! what a joke.

This pregnancy has just been SO much better than the last. If you must know, I contribute it to mainly two things: getting foot zoned regularly (once a month), and eating healthier with very limited sugar. That ridiculous sugar addiction I used to have is now a thing of the past; I have learned some amazing things about my body's reaction to sugar this pregnancy that will continue to serve me for the rest of my life.

That being said, I have not been completely void of unfavorable symptoms. Most notably as of late would be my old friend, heart burn. I look forward so much to being able to chug as much water as I want, whenever I want. I've found that a glass of milk and a few almonds before bed help keep the raging monster a little less raging. Funny because I think the last time I enjoyed a plain glass of milk was when I was about 12 months old.

Anyways, a few more things to note. My baby is always rolling and my stomach is always lopsided in some way.

I've started making really long lists  of activities for Jane to do while I nurse and am not able to cater to her little high maintenance needs every second, like I do now :) That will be an adjustment, but I can't help but think that having two kids will actually be easier for me mentally. I can't explain it, but like, I really think it'll be the case for me. I'll let you know in a couple months if that prediction was  just a ridiculous joke.

I've been better at keeping active. As active as I can be with no gym access and being huge and pregnant. I go on walks a lot, and climb up stairs repeatedly. Often I feel like my baby is going to fall straight out of me as I'm walking, but I keep on going anyways, and so far so good.

Here is jane, with her trail mix, on our walk, pointing to a boat. (lots of commas) I'm going to do another plug for homemade trail mix.  (Today's special: almond granola, sunflower seeds, cashews, raisins, craisins, and the real star, chocolate chips!) It's like treasure hunting, in snack form. It will forever be my go-to snack to distract little ones for a long period of time.

Oh and to end this on an extremely happy note! 4 days before we are supposed to fly to Germany, our passports came! I cannot express in words the frustrations that have been woven into our lives for the past month regarding this move and whether or not it would happen, and whether or not we would actually be together. It's insane. Thanks to a lot of prayers, it all worked out and for that, we took a passport selfie where jane is holding up her passport and shouting "HOORAY!" A greatly warranted hooray.

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