Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Farewell to Utah

I cannot believe how a few small areas of utah hold nearly all of my memories from the past 5 years. I still remember driving into Provo for the first time as a fresh out of high-schooler, ready to embark on this thing called college. Wow, everything was big and new and scary. Now, that very place which was previously so foreign is etched fondly into my heart forever.

Moving on before this Provo love letter becomes far too sappy. This weekend, being Memorial Day Weekend, was the first time Jeff had a day off since he left for officer training school in january. He called me on friday morning and told me how he had a 3 day weekend. My response? "Get your little bum on a plane and come be with us!" Well, long story short, I was picking him up at the airport about 10 hours later. Lots of happy faces ensued.

The next day was also his birthday! We were able to pack that day full of little moments that are priceless. We got to meet up with Laura & Tom and Tim & Lauren (Yeah, its becoming a tongue twister to say those couples' names in the same sentence) in Salt Lake City. You know the joyous energy that just floats around when siblings are reunited? It's tangible. We all just got to ruminate in that for about 4 blissful hours. We went to Chipolte (OUR FAVORITE. SOMEONE PLEASE COME OPEN ONE UP IN GERMANY!!) and stuffed our faces, and then went to an awesome park for a couple hours; playing frisbee, talking, and laughing- more than I probably should being 32 weeks pregnant and lacking in the bladder control department. (whoops)
Let's stop this nonsense taking pictures and get to what is really important: sniffing dandelions!

(I'm nothing but a bean bag)

Ian and Jane were ADORABLE together. Little boy is a multi-tasker; going in for the kill WHILE sticking his tongue out. His tongue just feels a lot more comfortable outside of his mouth than it does inside. Cute little nugget. Jane kept trying to feed him apples and goldfish and I kept explaining how babies only drink milk! Good luck to me in life when I have a newborn around....

It was a great day, and Jeff and I were exhausted by the time we finally got Jane to bed. It was the really great day kind of exhaustion though. We even were too tired to go to a movie, which I am kind of regretting now. That was probably my last chance to go to a movie for....a LONG time. On sunday, we had a nice relaxing day with my aunt and uncle & cousins which ended in steaks fresh off the grill. Yeah, so no complaints here. Jeff and I went on a walk together, just the two of us. We love walking around neighborhoods, pointing out different things we like for our future house. Which flowers we like, which paint color we like, and which kind of fake rock we will NEVER adorn our house with. :)

On Monday we only had about 5 hours, but we made the best of those hours by going down to Provo for one last time. (Ok I'm being a bit melodramatic; I'm sure we will be back one day, but not for a long time.) We went and worked out in our beloved and nostalgic BYU gym and then went out to eat at kneaders. Wow that french toast. It is OUT of this world.
Like father, like daughter :)
 Here are the two silly brothers having a calf contest. And their respective significant others, checking out their guy. :) And yes, I realize I need to start wearing bigger t-shirts, this one Im wearing here is cutting it a little too close for comfort. I'm just waiting to live with my husband again so I can steal ALL of his and then wear them every day for the next 8 weeks. Can't wait.

After that, I dropped him off at the airport and held back tears the rest of the way home. I went to smiths and bought a bag of ripe and delicious nectarines in a measly attempt to fix the little pit in my stomach. I know I get to see Jeff in a week, and then we get to go on a pretty epic adventure TOGETHER. But it was still hard to say goodbye. I just like that guy. He is my best friend, and I sometimes forget how lovely it is to just be in his presence. He makes me feel like the luckiest lady in the world. Truly.


  1. The French toast at Kneaders is seriously to die for!!!!

  2. Such a great weekend! Love the sibling love.



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