Saturday, May 9, 2015

little life adventures

 Our little life. Full of mostly insignificant adventures, but I sure love them all. Jane is a total hoot, Im telling you! She makes me belly gut laugh about every 20 minutes. It bugs me that I cant write down every funny thing she does. But I do what I can. Here are a few adventures as of late.

 Soccer games! We are always going to my cousins' soccer games, and jane loves it. Mostly because I bring about 10 bags of snacks each game. This is her practicing her lunges (first pic)- no joke. She would be proud to show you that she can do lunges, squats, push-ups, and the other day, I tried to teach her jumping jacks. Oh it was hysterical. Those take a little more coordination than her little brain can handle.

(Rocking the lopsided diaper.)

This is Jane's punishment. Nose in the corner. I cant help but snap pictures because it's so funny and cute and im seriously dumbfounded each time when she actually stays there. It's an instant tantrum diffuser. The other day I told her to go stick her nose in the corner. Then I said, pointing, and sternly: "Stay there. I'm going to the bathroom and will be right back. Stay there." She did.

After that little timeout, she ran and got her baby doll, plopped her into the corner, pointed and said in her stern voice "Stay there baby!! In da corner! Go baff-room. Stay there."  I about died.

We went to walk around the Brigham City Temple the other day. She was obsessed with the fountains and all the flowers. She found great satisfaction in pointing to each flower and telling me the color of each. The color thing finally clicked and now she is always telling me what color everything is. When we were leaving she said "Oh water fun!" The simplest joys...

Another Provo trip! It was so fun to see "Un-ko Tim" and watch his frisbee game. He is a total stud. Jane kinda looks homeless in this picture. But it was 7pm and like I always say, thats the sign of a good day!

(also on this day, a few story times are in order)

First things first. You see my lovely blue flip flops? Well here is that story. I had a doctor's appointment on thursday morning and was planning on going to Provo straight from there. I loaded up the car with a bunch of boxes I needed to put in our storage unit and a whole bunch of other stuff I needed for the day by 8:30 am. It was a frantic morning. I got to the doctors office (10 minutes early for the first time! Winner!) And then I look down and see, well, my bare naked feet. And no shoes to claim them. Jane? She had shoes. Diapers? 10 of them. Snacks and food? About 10 days worth. Boxes and boxes? Sure. But shoes for myself? NOPE. So I got jane out of the car and ran across the street to the nearest walgreens. Walked in barefoot. (no shoes. no shirt. no service? welp. I suppose they made an exception for a frantic sweating pregnant woman holding a toddler.) Bought these bad boys for $2, and still made it on time to my appointment. Im still dumbfounded by that situation. I mean, really?

Anyyyyways...after that was over I finally made it down to Provo.

First stop in Provo was my storage unit where I had to load boxes and unload other things that upon first glance thought would be impossible. I managed to do it, 30 weeks pregnant, and yes I impressed myself. One of those moments where I was NOBODY was here to see what a beast I was just now, what a total shame.

There was another moment that will not soon leave my memory. When we drove into the storage unit, the code wasnt working so I had to get Jane out of the car and ask the lady who worked there what I was doing wrong. Well we figured it out and then got back to the car. I just plopped jane into the passenger seat because all we were doing was driving through a gate to get to our storage unit.

I parked in front of our storage unit, and got out of the car to get Jane. In the 2 seconds I was walking around the car, I heard a terrible noise. The noise of a 2 year old child LOCKING the car. She was now inside the locked car. I was outside. Guess what else was inside? My key, phone, purse, oh and did I mention my CHILD? I thought to myself THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING TO ME! Me saying "Jane press the other button!" resulted in Jane just pressing the lock button over, and over, and over again. I tried not to be a frantic lunatic, and kept on telling her to press the other button. After about 5 minutes of pure torture, Jane casually pressed the unlock button. (Thank goodness for her love of ALL buttons, and her uncanning ability to follow directions.) I wanted to just say a 30 minute THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES prayer. That disaster was averted and even before I had a nervous break down. 

Water games. I was hoping this would be a good 30 minutes of entertainment but instead, she sat in each bowl of water and then dumped all the water out of each bowl, quite dutifully. And that was that. So...2 minutes. Tops.

We have been going on lots of walks lately. One, because the weather has been fantastic, and two, because I put my fit bit on again and I don't want to be last place out of my fit bit friends. Truth is, I still usually am. But I also have been hitting my goal mostly everyday so I'm fine with fit bit friends are all just freaks. (yes, you, colleen, my dear mother in law! I'm talking to you!) Jane usually gets bored and wants to get out of the stroller within a few minutes so I started giving her a bag of trail mix every time we go on a walk. Almond granola, raisins, pretzels, and chocolate covered sunflower seeds. She spends the whole walk digging through the bag to get to those little gems. And then once those are gone, she moves onto the raisins.

Well, that's all I have for this random-as-heck post.

Life is good, and we get our husband/daddy back in a few weeks!


  1. This is one of your funniest posts yet. I still can't figure out how you drove without shoes and didn't realize it until you arrived at the doctor. Do you often drive without shoes on? lol. Also, Jane locked in the car.....I would've had a mental breakdown. Way to keep your cool!

  2. This post is so fun! Jane is hilarious!! She's in such a fun stage. And you are amazing for tackling all those boxes by yourself. I bet you had to become so much more independent while Jeff was gone. So glad you took the time to write down these funny things.

  3. Jane seems like a hilarious little kid! I would encourage you to write down as much as you can about her daily adventures and the things she does that make you laugh. It's amazing that things we think we can never forget today turn into forgotten memories quickly. It will be great for you to both look back on together!

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock



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