Wednesday, April 29, 2015


OH BYU. Last week was Byu graduation. Of course, not for me. Been there, done that. However when I was graduating I was in the middle of moving and running a half marathon and being a big old ball of stress. So I never got to stop and reflect, or even put a gown on! Yeah, I'm one of those lame people who didn't order a gown and who didn't even go to graduation. Packing my apartment took precedence at the time. But let me just shout from the rooftops (blogosphere): that decision does NOT reflect how I feel about that amazing school.

I remember the day I learned I was accepted into byu. No, I was not one of those people with a perfect resume. I was lucky to get in. That night I wrote in my journal: " IM GOING TO BYU. I will NEVER BE SAD AGAIN!!"

I was sad again, sorry to report. But....barely! That place was so good to me. I mean how can you not fall in love with a place where you get to learn and stretch yourself, make some life long best friends, meet the love of your life, marry the love of your life, AND have your first child?! It's almost too many good memories for one square mile to hold.

I went back to visit yesterday and it was a day of happy nostalgia. I walked around campus, saw so many dear friends, and soaked up the sun with my girl. By the end of the day, our noses and cheeks were sunkissed, jane's hair was like a hurricane, and her whole body needed a good scrubbing from all the time spent in the sand and the dirt. Three signs of a truly good day.

 {playing at the park is some serious business}

Oh and jane had a BYU mint brownie, so that definitely didn't stop the streak of goodness. I wanted her to associate BYU with wonderful things like brownies in hopes of planting a strong desire in her to return there one day, when she is 18 ;) I kinda think it worked. She has been talking about brownies and BYU ever since...
Oh and Hi there, Becca! My roommate for two years who is pregnant with a baby girl, just like me :)

I also have to add another highlight- she saw her uncle Tim without bursting into tears. Their first ever encounter did not bring such fortune... Progress!

At the end of the day, she was plum tuckered out and managed to find a perfect slab of shaded concrete to lay down on, after stripping off her overalls and refusing to wear her shoes. A free spirit :)

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