Sunday, April 19, 2015

26 Weeks

The difference between a first pregnancy and a second pregnancy? This time around, I have no earthly idea which fruit my baby is the size of.

The first time around, I excessively checked on babycenter what my baby was doing that week. This time, not so much. Im hoping by not doing this, the pregnancy will go by faster. I'm the most impatient pregnant woman there ever was.

I am just so anxious to snuggle my little babe and pat her little bum sticking out as she lays on my chest. Oh boy am I baby hungry! Every night after I put Jane down I think to myself "I cant wait until this time is solely baby snuggle time!" I feel so ready to have another baby. That's not to say I think it will be a walk in the park, i'm aware that it could be quite hard and overwhelming at times, but I am just so looking forward to having two sweet little girls. I've learned that although this whole parenting gig is laced with some exhaustingly difficult moments, the good moments totally win.

We have a name pretty much picked out. But I might change my mind, and if I do, my husband might just flip his lid. So probably we will just use the name we have picked out and my husband can keep his lid securely fastened.

So pregnancy. I've gained the same amount of weight at this point as I did with jane. But my baby this time is not measuring quite as small, which is nice! My stomach is also way bigger than last time.
Pregnant belly mirror selfies I guess are kind of my thing this pregnancy. I don't know if it really works for me, but I love being able to document the bump. Scoff if you'd like.

Buying: i've only bought a few things for this baby because, hand-me-downs. And because, I have a husband who has a rational and VERY conservative view on the amount of clothes an infant should have. Sometimes I totally agree with him and think seriously, they grow out of these clothes in like a month and 90% of the time stain them with poop anyways, whats the point? But then the next moment I'm standing right in front of a freaking cute romper and I'm like...oh hi, are you excited to be worn by my child in a few months?

Nesting: hahahahaha. LADIES! Have you ever tried being in nesting mode and NOT HAVING A NEST?! It's great fun. *sarcastic eye roll emoji* (if those even exist, which they should because they have random things like two girls in bunny suits dancing, so they should definitely have an eye roll emoji.)
I think about the only thing I can do at the moment is make adorable felt headbands. So naturally...

(these were the first few I made, they got better with practice....don't look too close.)

And now to go console my screaming child who is almost 2 YEARS OLD and sleeps worst than she did when she was 2 months old.

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  1. Omgosh I love you Kerri! This baby is so lucky to have you and jeff for parents! And Jane as a big sister! I miss you and will continue to religiously stalk your blog when im sad. Haha



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