Friday, April 10, 2015

Daddy Reunion

It had been almost 3 months since we had seen jeff! It's a long time for me, but for a small toddler, that's a REALLY long time! Jane is the absolute worst at talking on the phone to people, and Jeff has horrible internet connection so he can hardly facetime. That being said, Jane hasn't had nearly as much interaction with her daddy as we would've liked in the past three months. I was so worried that when we would (FINALLY!!) come to visit him, she would be shy and totally clingy to me. That's kinda her thing these days...the whole being glued to my leg thing ;)

Well, all my worries flew out the window, and were replaced with the fullest joy when I watched jane be reunited with her dad and pick up right where they had left off. Happiness like that doesn't happen everyday, folks!

We were lucky enough to watch general conference together. One of my favorite parts of general conference is making huge, delicious meals. Well yo, guess what. Jeff lives in a one room hotel that has neither a stove or an oven. So microwave eggs and bacon it was. Jeff also had been saving this liter of soda for me to try. His beloved soda from his mission. I just had a sip and pretended I liked it...
Jane's newest obsession is sharing everything. I'd say it's a wonderfully rare obsession for an almost 2 year old to have. But when the prophet was speaking I pointed to him and said "Jane, that is the prophet President Monson. We need to listen to him." So she waltzed right up to the screen and offered him one of her goldfish. "Here prophet. Want some? Here Prophet!"

Our little family, we were all individually giddy with the purest delight to be together again. (expect a lot of superlatives and over the top language in this post, because this week only deserves to be described with the utmost sappiness.) I really was amazed at how HAPPY jane seemed. I mean, she is a pretty happy girl. But this was a different brand of happiness that a child can only experience when she feels complete and whole. Having her daddy back in her life so obviously created that wholeness for her. It was definitely a spectacular thing to witness.

Anyways, this week in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri has been wonderful. Not because of the place, let me just reassure you of that. But we found great entertainment in simple things, and by just spending time together. Jane loved picking "fee-yow-yas" (flowers) and insisted we each put one behind our ears because it is "so pwetty!"

it wouldnt feel right to leave out this picture of her grump face..

Jeff still had to work everyday, but we met him for lunch everyday, and usually had a picnic. The convergence of yummy food, good weather, a fun park, and a complete family is just...well, the pictures speak for themselves.
"Knuckles, daddy!"

Jane and her beloved "Yunch Box" off to have yet another pic nic. 

Life hint: it is possible to find great pleasure by simply sitting on the steps outside of a hotel and watching little janie explore and share her newest discoveries. I can't tell you how many times this week jeff and I have  looked at each other, smiled, and said something along the lines of "this is perfect." :)
Ohh hi! Yeah, I was there too. Promise.

Other notable highlights: we went out to eat like...4 times i think. Remember the whole microwave only thing? We used that as our excuse almost daily to go get food somewhere. I forgot how much I love going out to eat with jeff. Both of us get SO excited and giddy about the prospect of eating yummy food that we don't have to make. It was fun to revel in that excitement together, and often.

Anyways, it was a heavenly week. (And it isn't even over yet) However, I forgot that jeff twitches like a dying animal in his sleep. I missed a lot of things about him, but not that thing. I missed that probably about as much as he missed finding long brown hairs all over everything, including the inside of his socks. Oh, marriage!


  1. I love your little family. I wish we lived closerHow much longer will you be without Jeff? Or how much longer will he be in Missouri?

    1. Hey Mollie we will live closer very soon! It actually would be really cool if we could ever meet up in France or something. I don't really know how far away Sweden is from Germany though...but I have a feeling I will be craving friendship being so far away from everyone I know in Germany! ;) haha Jeff will be in Missouri til the end of May and then we leave for Germany!

  2. Where in Germany will you be living? I will be there for the second half of July. I realize we don't ACTUALLY know each other, but it might be fun to see a friendly American face!

  3. Oh these pictures made me SO happy. I am just so glad you guys got to be together. Being apart is so hard! But that little Jane--oh my goodness she is adorable! I am dying to see you guys again!!



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