Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The No Longer Homeless Andersens!

Wow. I've never felt quite like this before; everything in my life is falling into place in one swift, gracious motion. I've wanted to cry, mostly happy tears, for the past few days! What a drastic change from this past month. The clouds are parting, and the sun is shining brightly through!

We are so happy here! I think I can speak for both Jeff and I that we have never felt so right about where we are in our lives. We find ourselves looking at each other often with pleasantly puzzled faces. Like "wow, is this really our life now?" Granted, we are still living in a tiny hotel- but NOT FOR LONG. We somehow managed to get offered a house exactly where we wanted. (here is a picture of our new neighborhood!)


We have our first little home, and we move in 2 days. We have been continuously giddy about the situation; so much so that Jeff INITIATED an amazon area rug shopping adventure early this morning. WHAT?!  This is a big deal. We both finally feel like we have a place of our own, and we are BOTH excited to make it feel that way. (Thank goodness Germany has IKEA ;)

We have eaten dinner with a new family or families every night for almost a week straight! And after we leave one of those houses we talk, excitedly, for 10 minutes about how stinking awesome they are. Have all the cool people been hiding in Germany this whole time?? I mean we've met cool people everywhere we've been but there seems to be a dense population of coolness here in these parts. Anyways, with all these dinner invites, we are both feeling kinda...dare I say...popular? Yeah, it's a first for me. Probably not so much for my very likeable husband :) We have made friends with some awesome couples, and Jane absolutely ADORES playing with any friends.
 (all three of these cute girls were jumping for the picture; how ironic that they are all completely on the ground. haha)

One family in particular has 3 little girls. They are all obsessed with Jane, and vice versa. It is just adorable. Like, ring around the rosie in the middle of the commissary adorable. :)

The hardest part for me of this whole ordeal has been allowing people to serve me. It almost physically pains me when I have to inconvenience someone else, even when they've offered. Especially when I have to do so repeatedly. But we've had no choice recently, and I just hope that we will have plenty of opportunities to serve and give back at least a portion of what we have received.
Maybe we will just buy everyone these donuts to say thank you? Well, they aren't actually donuts, and I'm not really sure what they are. But I know they've already made a deep impression on my daughter, and that they are equal parts flour and heaven.

Our days have been packed full lately. Some days more productive, some days more park productive. (read: 3 parks in one day) When Jeff and I are both at the park with her, she leads us around to different areas on the park about every 10 seconds, waving her hands and saying "Tum on errybody!!" (everybody: mom and dad.)

The adventures have just begun and we are really excited about what is to come!

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  1. Your cute little girl is eating a "Berliner" (yes, just like the German Capital). They are deep-fried, filled with all sorts of jam (cherry, plum, strawberry etc.) and are topped with sugar, confectioner's sugar or icing. Just watch out at New Year's Eve: as a joke they will fill some Berliner with mustard. And that really is disgusting:-)



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