Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Little June Things

I have a lot of  catching up to do. So I present to you: a fabulous hodge podge of events that have happened this past month. MONTH! We've already been here for over a month and that's a little crazy. We are just over here feeling like legitimate grown ups and still trying to act like it's a normal thing. 

My computer is the actual WORST right now. So I'm not going to arrange these pictures in any aesthetically, or chonologically pleasing order. So sorry.
We went to a German festival just to see what it was like. IDK I was thinking maybe like face paints or pin the tail on the german donkey...maybe? But really it was just all the germans in grafenwoehr, drinking beer under the same tent. So we went, and mostly just watched people drink beer- the kind in those big glass cups with about 2 inches of foam on the top. Reminded me of the beer glasses that Gaston drinks out of in Beauty and the Beast. We got a bottle of orange juice, and left. Such a party :)

This is Jane folding her arms and closing her eyes during a prayer. A prayer that she very much did not want to be a part of.
My two babies. One of them attached to me quite literally through this thing called an umbilical cord. The other one attached to one or both of my legs at all times. But I love them Both. :) And if you haven't caught on: yes. she learned how to take her shirt off. Exhibit A and B above.

We live a block away from these forrest-y paths. We went exploring on them last week for family home evening. It was so lovely. Minus the 92 bugs that flew into my mouth, eyeballs, ears, and other places without my permission. Jane spent the entire time pointing out each and every pinecone, flower, and slug. LOTS OF SLUGS. She called them "Fwugs" and so every 3 seconds: "OH FWUG! OH ANUDDA FWUG. OHHHH A TINY FWUG. OHHHH A BIG FWUG!"

There were a lot of FWUGS.

We made 2 trips to Nuremberg. One of them was more of a trek than the other. The reason being, one time we had a GPS, and one time we didn't. I'll let you guess which one ended up wonderfully and which one ended up with frustrated tears, and even more frustrating THREE HOUR detours.
On our second nuremberg trip, We went to Playmobile Park- I wanted to do something really fun for Jane as a big "you're special" day before she's booted out of the role of ONLY child. There are a lot more pictures of this super fun day.The rest of the pictures are on my phone, and for some reason they won't send to my email. Which means I can't download them onto my computer. Which means you will have to wait to see them until the day I become tech savvy AND, simultaneously, my phone becomes not retarded. Which also probably means, never.

This same day we also went to this italian restaurant. I was SO HUNGRY and was quite excited to devour my pepperoni pizza. Until, much to my horror, the pizza they brought me was covered in pepperoncinis. Those nasty little green peppers. Pepperoni in german = nasty little green peppers. NOT that delicious round meat that comes from a pig. A few tears were shed (remember, im 9 months pregnant, and REALLY hungry) but I diligently picked off each little green thing and they brought me out some cooked salami to put on top. Not my beloved pepperoni, but sure as heck closer than those veggies.

This is a picture that I kind of like. It's just a little happy family. We have been spending so much time together as a family. It's like famine, then feast! 5 months not being together, one month being together with almost no breaks. I've loved it. We've spend most of this month settling into our nest. Read: BUYING THINGS. And lots of them. Things for baby. Another car! Alllll the little things you need for a house like toilet paper, and cleaning supplies, and darn trash cans. Adds up fast, gosh darnit! Oh and then we've gotten ourselves some furniture, because in our entire married life we have purchased only one piece of furniture (dresser) up to this point. That part is kind of fun. But it's not fun having to buy stupid things like ginormous pads and underwear for post partum and then this horrendously ugly robe because the hospital here doesn't provide gowns and it was the only robe at the PX. (the store on base that is sort of like a walmart, but with an even poorer selection of robes.)

Like I mentioned, these are a few scattered parts of this past month. Including all the pictures that my phone decided to go ahead and send to my email. (about 1/4 of the ones I attempted to send.) Hopefully I can figure out how to get the rest of my pictures up here soon. We got a new computer and that may or may not be sending me into mild panic attacks of confusion and cluelessness. (It's not a MAC!!??)

 All this time together has been great but I think Jeff is getting sick of us. He is a little eager for his work to start picking up. But joke's on him because I'm having a baby in 2 weeks and he has 10 days of paternity leave. PAH. HA. HA. After that he can take a break from us ;)

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