Tuesday, July 21, 2015

one week of Lyla

Lyla has been in my arms for a week straight as of today ;) 

And tomorrow is her due date. I always hoped that I would get lucky enough to have my baby early (but not TOO early) and then on my actual due date say: "happy due date!" and well, wish granted! I got 8 extra days with this girl and I am not mad about it.

Another thing I'm not mad about is that she is like this freak of nature angel baby. She has cried like...3 times. And never longer than a few minutes. She always, always will stop crying the moment I pick her up. It makes me feel kinda cool, ya know? I absolutely treasure my role as her mother. I like staring at her little puckered lips at 4 am and I love the satisfaction I get when I'm patting her back and she burps real loud. Must feel good, huh?I love rubbing baby lotion all over her pink little body and enhaling that baby smell all day long. I love that I feel the spirit when I look into her eyes and having a little piece of heaven in my home. I love being able to feed her and give her exactly what her little body needs to grow. Even though I have to grit my teeth to keep from screaming for the first 10 seconds of every feeding. PAIN. It is so worth the pain. And even worth the engorgement. Barely... ;)

I love watching my TWO girls interact. Jane just looks at Lyla and starts giggling out of pure delight! When I need to change Lyla, Jane eagerly hops up to retrieve a diaper. Every time Lyla is upset, Jane gets a worried look on her face. She will then put her face about 2 inches away from Lyla's and, in the most sincerely concerned little voice, says "Ohhhh it's oh-tayyyyy!" She takes her role as a big sister very seriously.

I am so glad they are MINE! All mine, for forever! Jeff still seriously gets tripped up every time I say "The girls" or "the kids". He shakes his head and does one of those "WHAT IS MY LIFE?!?!" chuckles. 

I hope they are best friends one day.

We invested in a nice baby carrier, and jeff claims it feels the exact same as the carrier we got at target for $30. (he also rolls his eyes when he says this) BUT I am here to tell you that it might actually be the best purchase of my life! That thing is so dang comfortable; for me and for little Lyla. Game Changer! 

This past week has been the best week of my life. It has been hard too, but in a very fulfilling way. It is up to Jeff and I to give these little humans everything they need. It's overwhelming. And awesome. The amount of children I have has doubled, but so has the amount of joy I experience daily. Maybe even tripled. Or quadrupled? I don't know, but there is a lot of happiness over here. 

and i'll end this post with jane's first selfie. in all of its glory and irrelevance.

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