Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Baby Blurbs.

Diapers. Burp Rags. Nursing pads. Poop. (lots and lots). Loads of laundry.

When I think about the past two weeks, those are the things I think about.

Jeff went back to work, so it's been totally up to me to take care of these two little girls. There are moments that are incredible. Moments where I double over in laughter (toddler) or sigh and smile as I melt into a puddle of motherly love (newborn). There are moments, of course, that aren't so incredible. But I really want to focus on the good moments. So here are some blurbs of what life is like around these parts nowadays

Lyla Loo- sticking her little tongue out looking for milk. Why is this so cute? Ok I know the answer to that. It's because I'm her mom, and everything is cute.

Our first family outing: The Wild Boar Park. Where I swatted about 18 bees away from each child's face, almost got hit by like 10 footballs, ate some sub-par german food, watched daddy play soccer, and had contact with other human beings. Adult human beings. The weather was perfect and we had fun :) Somehow, nothing horrible happened. (no blowouts, spit ups, tantrums, or injuries! TOTAL WIN!)

Jeffrey the dad: His nightly ritual of admiring his daughter who just happens to be his spitting image! Also, how have his blue sandals never made the blog? I feel like they are part of the family. Because everytime I look...anywhere...they are there. He calls them his slippers. The slippers and I have bonded through all the times I've put them away in the shoe closet. Whoops, I'm getting off topic. Where jeff lacks in cleanliness, he makes up for in daddy-hood. He's a good dad, that one.

Little Lyla things: This girl grunts like its her job. She grunts and grunts and sounds like a baby pig. She also has got some huge hands. And her fingers are so long. Oh and did I mention she is a little ball of scrumptious perfection? I seriously canNOT get enough of this baby.

The first (of many I'm sure) installment of: WHILE MOM WAS NURSING. thank goodness for WASHABLE markers.

The MOMBIE (mom zombie): Probably like 4 am but who really knows.

Jane and the FWIMMING pool: She loves the thing, but only when I am out there with her. Because then she would have nobody to pour cups of water on, and she would have nobody to watch as she jumps into the pool over, and over, and over again. If I ever have to go inside for a minute- she is right at the screen door proclaiming "I'm done fwimming momma!" But then, I go outside, and she runs and jumps into the pool again. She is magically NOT done swimming. :)

My dinner helper. I asked her to dump the parmesan cheese into the bowl. She did that for a little bit. And then, her mouth became the bowl.

Triumph: Both girls ready for the day before 10 am.

The Dinner Helper part 2: Jeff was upstairs and I yelled up to him "Jeff? Jeffrey? Do you want mayonaise on your sandwich?"

5 minutes later as jane is 'preparing daddy's sandwich' she calls up the stairs: "JEFF? JEFFREY?! Do you want a sandwich?" (no answer, he didn't hear her) "....Yeah?? Oh-tayyyy! Sure, I'll make it!"

It was just about THE cutest thing she has ever done. I was laughing so hard for so long.

The SECOND installation of: WHILE MOM WAS NURSING. feed the baby before you feed yourself, OBVIOUSLY.

The Nursing BLURB: Let's be real, this is what I'm doing pretty much alllllll day. And I'm not complaining. Although, Jane does. Everytime I pick up Lyla and start walking towards the couch, Jane's eyes widen and she yells: "No!! Don't feed Lyla (Yi-Yuh)!"

 But seriously... look at those fuzzy little shoulders! And her chubby little wrists. I don't mind this view one bit. :)

All of this is MY LIFE. And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

OH and a real quick happy news blurb: our household goods comes on friday! We will finally have all our stuff. Like clothes, and books, and movies, and kitchen stuff. (cant wait for a toaster and our beloved george foreman) Give me one more month before our house is guest ready :)


  1. so cute!!! First off your house looks so cute!! And Lyla looks just like Jane to me!! She is a precious squish of sweetness!!! =D Love these blurbs =) I know them all too well. It's been a year and Halli still complains when I nurse Hayden. "Are you done yet mommy??" haha. We're weaning over here and it's bittersweet!

  2. I love these blurbs! Do you jot down notes throughout the week or how do you remember all these? Oh that Jane!!!



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