Saturday, August 8, 2015

Worth It Moments

amidst the perpetually misplaced burp rags and the racing back and forth between the needs of each child, life has a way of being sickly sweet. jane comes up with a few new gems every darn day that have me thinking "oh my gosh i have to write that down!"

a few examples:
One blessed morning, Jane slept in until 8. I took that opportunity to lay down Lyla and take a shower and do my hair AND get dressed in real clothes for the day. When I was done I went to go get Jane out of her bed. She saw me and said "awww mom! You look so pretty. I love your hair!"

It became blatantly apparent that mom getting herself ready for the day has become a rarity in Jane's world. One day I will be like my awesome mother in law who raised 8 kids but always took the time to get herself ready for the day. I realize it makes a difference when I feel good about myself, but right now I am still in transition phase and my appearance will need to stay comfortably on the back burner for now.

Yesterday on a walk jane stopped suddenly, folded her arms and said a prayer! Her first one, completely on her own. "Dear Heavenly Father. Please bless mommy. Please bless Lyla to poop in diaper. Jesus Christ, Amen!"

I was playing with jane on the floor, tickling and laughing with her. I started asking her what her favorite things were. (color, food, song, etc) The last one I asked was "Who is your favorite mommy?" She paused and said "Uhmmmm....daddy!"

He is slowly but oh so SURELY becoming the favorite. 

Now more about those sickly sweet moments that are woven into my slightly hectic days. Taking Jane to the park the other day and watching her play like a little girl was exactly what my heart needed to be recharged and rejuvenated in the best way. Hair blowing in the breeze, a big smile plastered on her face as her little legs ran enthusiastically from the swing to the sandbox to the slide. The moment you become a parent, you absolutely LIVE for these moments. These moments are only enhanced when phrases like "Oh I need a hug! I'm happy, momma!" are thrown around. It's exhilirating to realize that you are here, the one person who gets to watch every little part of their childhood. And when you get to witness them enjoying their childhood, it's just the most fulfilling feeling.. 

 Mothering a toddler is not for the faint of heart, and is a constant game of trial and error. With an occassional triumph thrown in there. But, she is teaching me what I need to learn. She is helping to mold me into someone better. Aren't the parents supposed to be the ones molding their children? All I know is that we need each other, and God knew what he was doing when he sent her to me. Wow she gives me a run for my money some days. But overall, she is my absolute bright spot, even on the dimmest days.

 And little Lyla. My solace. Isn't it so ridiculously ironic how, when you are feeling at your wits end because of all your responsibilities (that are largely due to your children), the one thing that can snap you out of it better than almost anything else is a good snuggle from the very ones who are demanding and requiring all the energy of your entire heart and soul? It's weird, but perfect, how that works out.

Poor Lyla, I don't take nearly as many pictures of her as I did of Jane. I'll try to be better. But meeting both girls' needs is the priority and most of the times there are other needs of greater importance than that of the picture taking. 

Here's to those days that make you smile and sigh as you come to the realization that all your efforts are so incredibly worth it. Im grateful for motherhood, and the opportunity I have to learn, grow, and experience the most exquisite joy right alongside these amazing little humans.

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  1. Lyla looks JUST like Jane when she was that small! So adorable, all 3 of you!



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