Wednesday, August 12, 2015


A lady in my ward took these photos of  Lyla at the ripe age of one week old. I love them. This little girl has enriched my life in so many ways in the past month. YEAH IT'S ALREADY BEEN A MONTH, WHATTTTTT!! 

Lyla is getting better at sleeping in her swing which means I've started to get more sleep. This also means I take off my witch hat a lot more often and everyone is happier. Sleep does wonders for a mother's soul, I'm tellin' ya. She loves to grunt and she likes her hand to be right curled up next to her face when she sleeps (not a fan of the full swaddle). She seems to have discovered her lungs, but only uses them when she needs food or a good belch. ;) Also she has almost grown out of some of her newborn clothes. I am not anywhere near being prepared for this!!! I remember my silent plea as I was in the hospital with her that she would stay this baby forever. She ignored my desperate request to stay little but at least her beautiful soul is here to stay. I hope to love, teach, and nourish that soul every day of her life in hopes that she will become all she was meant to become. What a humbling task. Apologies to Lyla in advance for all the times I will surely fumble. 

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