Tuesday, August 18, 2015

three years!

I've always sucked at math. Like, studied harder than anyone and did every practice test 7 times and still failed tests like it was my job. I remember once in high school when I aced a math test. And once in college when I aced a math test. I remember being so proud of myself. I looked over at the person in my class who also aced the test. But they also aced every test. Guess who was more excite/happy/fulfilled? ME. Because I wasn't given the gift of understanding math very well so I had to work a lot harder for that A than the ridiculous smart kid.

Marriage is kind of like that. There are ups and downs, but the ups are so much sweeter because you overcame the downs, together! It is like reaching the summit of a tall mountain and being overwhelmed with the spectacular view. Jeff and I have climbed mountains together. And our love for each other grows exponentially at each summit. Horrible pregnancies, immaturity, long separations, having a baby while both being full time students, moving to a foreign country and having another baby there. We have been through a lot in our 3 short (ALSO LONG) years of being together.\ The best thing about our marriage is that both of us have always been 100% committed to choosing to love each other and loving our choice. We both want to make each other happy. And we've learned a lot about each other, and right now I've never been happier being married to my jeffrey.

We've both done a lot of growing up. Mostly me. I remember our first anniversary I was only concerned with what jeff was doing for me. (*face palm!) This anniversary I hardly gave it a thought. I was too busy trying to think of ways to make HIM feel loved on this day. It's amazing how that shift can change a marriage. Instead of being a wife who is grumpy and upset about unmet (and unrealistic) expectations, I chose to be a wife who Jeff would actually be glad to be married to. I'm grateful for Jeff's patience as I slowly, but surely made that shift. I'm grateful that he encourages me to be better, without making me feel like a bad person. He truly has made me a better person, and I'd like to think I've helped him to become better in some ways. We definitely balance each other out and have a lot to learn from each other. There is a quote from the last general conference regarding a marriage: “Thee lift me and I’ll lift thee, and we’ll ascend together.” There is always room for improvement, but I feel the most tender and overwhelming emotions when I think about how true this is in our marriage. I am so lucky to have the husband I have, and although we don't agree on everything; we are united in the most vital areas. My love for him is more powerful than I ever knew it could be, and I'm sure it will only continue to grow. What a beautiful, soul stretching, refining, and wonderful gift marriage is!

I love you Jeff! I love that you are the husband I always dreamed of. And I love that you are the father I always hoped and prayed for my future children to have. I love that you are always trying to better yourself. I love that you encourage me and support me in everything I do. I love that you make me feel beautiful. I love that you are my very best friend, and I'm giddy like a little girl that I get to spend the rest of eternity with you by my side.

Happy 3rd anniversary, babe!

(PS I let Jeff read this before I posted it and he said "Aw I like it". I was like "You do? If you wrote that about me, I would cry!" and he said "Well, I didn't cry...but I felt emotions. That's good, right?" HA HA boys will be boys.)

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  1. This is beautiful and I couldn't agree more with all of it. Caleb just mentioned a few days ago that he wants that quote on our wall! It's a great one. You and Jeff are great for each other and although we all have our struggles it is so beautiful to see the miracle of love and marriage. I think it's a miracle anyway! Love you Kerri!



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