Sunday, October 18, 2015

Getting lost in Germany

While my mom was here, we kinda hopped all over this country. 2 separate days, we made little trips to nearby (ish) towns. Why is it all so charming? The first few pictures are from our day in Regensberg. Despite the sweat inducing stress of trying to find a parking spot in the heart of the city, it was a pretty seamless trip. Perfect sweater weather, cobblestone town square, middle aged men in hats playing accordions, and a canvas of colors splashed around on the surrounding buildings. All of this revolving around the regensberg cathedral which was jaw-dropping. I had to literally lay down on my stomach and angle my phone intensely to be able to get the entire cathedral in the frame. While we were inside the cathedral, there was a very tangible reverence, that even Jane felt. She saw a statue of Christ on the cross inside and immediately folded her arms and started saying a prayer. :)
 We walked and walked and explored until jane and our leg muscles were gettin' cranky.


The next trip we made was to Passau! This one was extra special because the main reason for going was to visit one of very best friends, Hannah, who is serving a mission here in Germany. Who would've ever guessed that when we said goodbye before she left that the next time we would see each other would be in Germany because we both just happen to live there?!?! What is this life?!

Passau is so beautiful! 

UHM, hello candy store of my dreams! An exclusively GUMMY candy store. MY FAVORITE. But not just any gummy candy! Knock your socks off gummy candy. They were giving out free samples of these gummy brains (yeah, a the one inside your head. They make those in gummy form.) So yeah, like, we were a bit disturbed but nobody is gonna say no to a free sample so we all had one and looked at each other with a pleased, but very confused look. "Uhm that gummy brain was REALLY good." It was weird. But they were. So we all bought a bag. I wanted to buy like 10 more bags of different candies but I stopped myself after the brains. 

We got to ride on the bus with these cute missionaries. And they knew their way around real good. So for once we weren't wandering around a city with clueless stares on our faces. We just followed them around, saw some awesome churches and amazing views, and ate german pretzels with cheese and I can't complain about any of it.
This church has the biggest organ in the world that only like 3 people in the world can play. (below) The inside of this church was spectacular. How does anyone even put that much detail into one church? You could stand there and look around for hours and still not look at every detail there is inside.

Jane was almost as excited to spend time with Hannah as I was. Such a treat for all of us! And totally surreal to be hanging out with her in her mission! Hannah and I have been friends since I was a sophomore in high school and her smile is just as contagious as ever. I loved being able to hang out and make fun of/gush over Germany together. And it was just lovely to have a tour guide as wonderful as Hannah :)
after I took this picture, she proceeded to kiss this golden dog statue and most likely contracted a disease.

I loved that day. I left with a happy soul. Unfortunately that happy soul got squelched by a GPS gone rogue. It led us to this little tiny german town and then was like, "k you got it from here, I'm going to be 'recalculating' indefinitely." Oh my gosh. It is one thing to get lost. It's another thing to get lost in a different country, in the dark, without my level headed husband and with a screaming baby! It eventually worked out, by some miracle, but we were weaving through towns with no end in site for like an hour. After that ordeal, I'd never been so happy to see an interstate. (they call it an autobahn in Germany) 

You know how sometimes something really bad happens and in the moment you are thinking MY LIFE IS OVER but then a few days later, (or a few weeks) you can laugh it off? Well, I'm still not laughing. 

So although I can't say these trips went off without a hitch, overall they were wonderful! 


  1. Regensburg is one of my favorite cities in the world!! I was there this summer and loved it. So fun to see your pictures. :-)

  2. I'm so happy that you saw Hannah!!

  3. I'm so happy that you saw Hannah!!

  4. I just found your blog through 71toes and love it! We just did this trip to Germany about a month ago and fell in love. We're currently stationed in Izmir, Turkey with the Navy, but are hoping to be back to Germany in the future! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!



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