Wednesday, October 14, 2015

3 Months + a special day

Lyla was blessed by her daddy last sunday and it was a sweet little day. Quite different from when Jane got blessed and we had friends and family flocking to attend. That feisty little Lyla girl was taking a ride on the cranky train all day, but luckily took a short break to be perfectly still and sweet as she was getting blessed!

Jeff resisted, but I insisted when it came to taking pictures ;) He will be happy about that one day. It was like de ja vu getting lyla to stop crying during the picture. I remember on Jane's blessing day we would stick her binky in until she calmed down, then at the last second we would rip it out and all smile and cross our fingers. Same story for Lyla on this day. Another de ja vu is that Jeff and I purposely wore the same outfits we did when Jane was blessed. Because we are sentimental like that.

 ^^ you have no earthly idea how many times I kiss those sweet cheeks. NEVER GETS OLD. ^^
I'm just now noticing my skirt is a train wreck in the wrinkle department. Can't win 'em all. 
 Sister Love is the sweetest.

Lyla is also THREE MONTHS OLD today! She is definitely coming out with a strong personality! The first month, she was an angel baby who never made a peep. So so easy! Now, she is just an angel baby who makes LOTS of peeps. She will not tolerate being laid down anywhere unless it is on me. Even then, she is very particular about how she is held. Another small dagger is that her napping skills have dramatically decreased recently. AND she hates the car. Funny story with that. We were driving home from somewhere and Lyla had been inconsolably crying. We were all just trying our best to stay calm and happy because I had exhausted all options of getting her to be happy. It had been at least 30 minutes of that when jane quietly and calmly says " Lyla is crying."

HAHAHA. "I KNOW, janie" :) We all had a good laugh.

Lyla can roll over, although she is severely offended whenever it happens. She is starting to prefer looking around rather than being huddled up to my chest. Which means she is turning into a full fledged baby and has officially bid farewell to the newborn stage. :)  //  :( 
She especially LOVES to watch Jane play. It is the sweetest. 

Lyla girl is GASSY. Often, if Jeff is holding her, I have to ask "Was that you or her?"

My favorite thing about Lyla is her morning smiles. They are outrageously contagious, and she is so very generous with them when she first opens her eyes and sees my face in front of hers. It always starts my day off so bright :) This morning, Jane was playing photographer with my phone and captured me smiling at Lyla as she was gracing me with her gigantic, joy inducing grins. 
Told you they were contagious :) 

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