Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Disney Castle In Real Life!

My mom just left - wahh! We fit in a lot of fun little trips while she was here though. The longest trip we did was to Neuschwanstein Castle. Betchya can't pronounce that beast of a word. It's pronounced: "NOY- SHVAN- STINE". (I'm basically a local now....) It's the most famous castle in Germany, maybe in the world? Yeahh probs. I think it's mostly because good old Walt Disney had a slight obsession with this place. He modeled the castle at disneyland after this one and the Beauty and the Beast castle. As we were roaming the halls, Jane kept asking for "Beast and da Beast" (Beauty and the Beast). I mean, if you want to have 20 million visitors a year instead of a measly 10 million (HA) I would recommend renting some mascots of Belle and the Beast....and probably Cogsworth while you are at it. Now THAT would be cool.

We got to see 2 different castles, and one of my favorite parts was hiking up to the castles in the crisp autumn air, surrounded by colorful trees, breath taking landscapes, and asians with selfie sticks.

This was the first castle. Crazy King Ludwig's summer house, which our tour guide said that to him was more like "a summer cottage." UHHH....OKAY.
 Swan fountain, of course.
I loved this view with the red bush and castle behind and wanted to take a picture but this lady was standing there taking selfies. I decided to wait here until she moved, but I finally gave up as it seemed she was quite intent on getting 100+ selfies in front of this bush. 

Buildings bursting with flowers and the beautiful clear lake were some of my other favorite views of the day. They even put swans in the lake in honor of CRAZY King Ludwig. The guy was obsessed with swans. He had to earn that nickname somehow... At the end of the day I realized I had spent a majority of my time learning about this crazy king who was a complete hermit, hated all people and all things unless that thing was a swan or in a swan shape. And basically he contributed absolutely nothing to this world except for requesting the construction of this famous castle. No cheers for King Ludwig.

^^ I've decided to embrace the fact that 95% of all photos that we will take on our travels I will be wearing that orange baby carrier (with my sweet little baby nuzzled inside).

The buzz-kill of the day was that the famous bridge was closed- the one that has a perfect lookout point of Neuschwanstein. So we weren't able to get any stupendous pictures. But even if we had, it still wouldn't have done it justice. (story of Europe's life)

By the time we got done exploring I was hangry. It hit me like a crashing wave: hard, instant, and so powerful that I couldn't quite tell what it was. So, a schnitzel came to my rescue. Followed by the most heavenly dessert ever. We bought one to share, jeff took one bite and in the same motion turned around and asked to buy another one.

We visited Wieskirche right after the castles and lunch and then headed home. The atmosphere outside of the church was bustling, energetic and happy with brass bands serenading the scene. It served as a stark contrast to the serene and peaceful feeling that was inside the church. It was so beautiful inside. It was adorned with ornate white and gold details that were so incredible! We weren't allowed to take pictures inside.
^^ Jane with her grump face saying "Hmph! I'm in twubble". Yes, she was in trouble because she crawled under an electric fence that said "no trespassing". When we told her to come back she just  ran further away and giggled as she did somersaults and aerobics in the field until jeff jumped the fence to get her... ha. One of those moments that was equal parts infuriating and hilarious.

We then hopped in the car and drove the 4 hour drive home. Poor Lyla was protesting her car seat almost the whole way home. The good news is, both girls slept like rocks all night long. Traveling wears ya out! Even if you just sit in a baby carrier the whole time! ;)


  1. Oh Janers! Reading about her running away totally made me giggle. Been there. How fun to have your mom there!! What a beautiful castle too, wow!

  2. Oh man! I concur with what Cami said. Jane! That little terror! Hilarious terror!

  3. Why are you guys coming to Sweden??! We should be visiting YOU!!!!! Sooooo pretty!!!!!

  4. BTW I love how much you're blogging as of late. Keep it up guuuuurl. *air high five* ;)



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