Sunday, November 8, 2015


On Saturday we packed a few snacks, a bag full of diapers and wipes, along with other super fun and exciting stuff, and headed to Rothenberg. It is a little under 2 hours away. Jeff hates driving places, and really hates going places. I have to practically drag him everywhere. But then, we get there and he gets all googly eyed and excited and posts like 9 pictures on instagram. When we were halfway there he was like "I don't want to go anymore" ....uhm ok, too late. 

We got there and parked in Parking lot 5 (for those of you who want to go soon and don't know where to park.) Some random german lady came up to us right as we were about to buy a parking pass and gave us a day pass for the parking lot. That was the moment that we realized neither of us knew how to say "yes" in german. So we just nodded our heads illiterate fools. 

Come to find out, it's just "ja" (pronounced "yaww") so we kinda did know it, just not when we were put on the spot. We are lucky we don't get stoned by the germans. We so suck at their language.

There was a volksfest right in the middle of the marktplatz (which is just like the town square, almost every european city has them). Jane was delighted! Which means we were delighted. ESPECIALLY when we saw this candy stand. Jeff and I each got a bag and filled it up quite generously. So bad. But so good. 
Jane rode both of these rides and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. It is so fun to watch her little face light up and is so hard to tell her no when she asks to ride over and over again. (because it costs about $3 per ride and I don't want her to turn into that spoiled girl from Willie Wonka)

^^ inside the store, I later found out pictures weren't allowed but I took this before I knew that so...its fine.
Hands down my favorite thing of the day was this famous Christmas store Kathe Wohlfahrt. There was also a museum, but Jane was already losing it after just going through the store so we knew it would end up being a disaster. BUT REALLY. THAT STORE!! It is the embodiment of christmas cheer and christmas spirit. Not a soul could walk out of that store without feeling tingly with excitement, and as cheery as santa's red cheeks. I loved that it wasn't even all commercial christmas. This little shop celebrated, in every nook and cranny, the birth of Christ. Oh, how refreshing it was! So many nativities and I wanted to buy every last one of them. Too bad I would have to take out a loan to afford just about anything in there. But seriously, every time I walked into a new room, I had to catch my breath and refrain from gasping loud enough for all the tourists to hear. It was truly spectacular! And so now I'm eager beaver to get alllll the christmas decorations ever and make my home feel as close to Kathe Wolhfahrt as possible! (this is more of a far fetched dream than a reality, but maybe one day!)

^^ the wall
^^ she was an absolute angel all day, because she was snuggled right up to me in the baby carrier AND we were outside. The very simple recipe for one happy Lyla.
^^ the perfect picture to portray the silly side of jane that is coming out more and more every day ;)
^^ jane was looking at the ground the whole time, searching diligently for anything remotely resembling a puddle. And every time she found a "puddle" she would jump. Rarely was it even enough water to make a splash, but she was satisfied ;) 
Much to Jeff's dismay, we walked alllll over the place. It was a darling little town. And! It has a huge, old stone wall built all the way around the entire town. So dang cool.

We picked THE best time to walk on the wall all around the town. Right as the sun was setting. I was grateful for Jeff when just above the quiet, quaint, and friendly little town, we saw the golden-pink and orange tye dyed sunset peeking through sporadic clouds. He said "Let's just stand here for 5 minutes and soak this in. This is too cool to just keep on walking." So grateful he is there to help remind me to soak in, and fully experience those uniquely beautiful moments.

Classic Jane. Scowling (hardcore) one minute, and erupting in laughter the next. This was taken during a particularly successful game of cut the pickle, tickle tickle!! 
If you ask my mom, she will vouch for me when I say I've watched Beauty and the Beast more than any other movie in the world. So she may be the only person who understands how happy it makes me to explore little towns that remind me of the town that Belle dances and sings through with her nose in a book. I was just waiting for a weird old lady to pop out of a window and whine "I NEED 6 EGGS!" (that's too expensive!) We even found an american couple to take our picture (instead of the usual family selfie). Love it when that happens!

We both said this was our new favorite town in Germany. (But I say that every time...) We all had tired legs and happy hearts by the time we were driving home- a day well spent!


  1. Kerri...this post makes me so happy. all of them, actually. i love your beautiful little family. you are such a sweet Mom! hopefully we'll be stationed somewhere near you guys in the future! give jeff a high five for me for marrying such an adventurous girl!

    1. Aw thanks you are sweet! That we be awesome to be stationed near you guys!



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