Friday, November 20, 2015

4 months of Lyla

Little Lyla, my little babe who has become an attractor of nicknames. Well, at least compared to her sister who has always been called Jane or Janie. Lyla is Lyla-Loo, Lyla-bug, and the most popular: Moose. Jane wakes up every morning and says "Where's Moose?", and another common one "Moose is crying!" I love how Jane takes it upon herself to remind me when Lyla is crying as if I'm deaf to her relentless screaming. Quite the opposite, actually. You moms know how your baby's cry kind of rips your soul apart, and inhibits your ability to do just about anything efficiently, unless that thing is getting your baby to be happy again.

Lyla's number one favorite thing is when I lay her on the ground and kiss her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, her lips. Over, and over, and over again. She gets the sweetest little giddy smile on her face. And if I ever stop, she starts immediately screaming. It's my favorite thing too, and if I had no other agenda in life, I'd be content to do it all day long.

She stopped cuddling. She has also started to hate nursing. All in the same week! This breaks my heart. I'm staging an intervention this week, before I take the leap to either buying formula or an expensive pump and feeding her pumped breast milk from a bottle. And what does a breast feeding intervention entail, you may ask? I really couldn't tell ya. Mostly just some extra prayers and extra nursing.

When Lyla was born she looked way different than newborn Jane, but now every time I look at her, it's like dejavu. They look a lot alike to me! Here is Jane at 4 months

She loves Jane, and watching Jane play, and get this!! She LOVES when I read books to her. I can easily get a 30 minute book reading session in every day where both girls are glued to the pages in the books and totally happy. It's awesome. I had no idea a 4 month old could love reading books so much.

My favorite Lyla quirk is just about the most adorable thing on the planet earth. She loves to hold her own hands. She will just clasp her hands together right underneath her chin, and it is instantly calming. She also loves to hold swaddling blankets in her fist too. If she is crying, sometimes all I need to do is give her a good chunk of blanket to grab onto, and she is a happy camper.

I love Lyla and I love kissing her sweet, squishy, lotion scented cheeks.

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