Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tidbits of November

Okay November was the longest month ever. Probably because I got into the Christmas spirit basically the day after Halloween, and I've just been anxiously waiting for the day to come where it was socially appropriate to declare the feelings of my festive heart! ;) So, the days did seem to creep on by. It was a wonderful month though. Jeff didn't have any trainings or anything so he was home all month, and work wasn't too crazy either. 

^^ I'm in love with this picture. That's all I have to say about that.
 I love my calling at church teaching the 7 and 8 year olds. The purest most good hearted little children. They love me too, but only because I sometimes let them take turns holding my baby ;)
 Jeff took this picture the other day. Me cleaning up while Jane climbs on me, This photo is about the most spot on depiction of my life that I've ever seen.
 We took advantage of the last few days of fall weather, and Jane played in the sand for hours upon hours. A measuring cup and a sand pit is basically her paradise.
 These German sunsets that have me whipping out my iPhone and sticking it out the window while jeff is driving 90 mph, just to get a picture. (no speed limits on the autobahn, for anyone who is concerned...)

THE SNOW! I've always dreaded winter time but something has changed this year. I think the first reason is that I made my mind up to not let the cold weather keep me cooped up inside (or else each and every one of us WILL go insane, starting with me.), and the second reason is because Jane's whole world becomes a fairy tale every time it snows. She also made her first snowman with my dad! Despite her adamant declaration to "build a BIG, HUUUUUGE, CHUBBY SNOWMAN!" ...It was a tiny, dinky little snowman made with snow that doesn't stick. It had grapes for eyes and a carrot nose and, just as if it were the chubby snowman of her dreams, it filled her little soul with unadulterated delight for 3 days straight until...he met his fate, and melted. 

 Little Lyla update. We had a date to the Dr's office and it was if she knew it was a date, and she was reveling in every single moment she had with just me. It was so sweet! I cant figure this baby out. She will go a few weeks without taking a single nap and hating, HATING life. And then when I finally decided to take her to the Dr. she acts perfect that day and for the week following. The child can't make up her mind. And I'm trying to figure out the root of her sporatic unhappiness. I'm trying to boost my milk supply too, so if anyone has any suggestions shoot them my way!
Crib date. I'm trying to slowly introduce Lyla to her crib. (Yes, almost 5 months and still sleeps in our room....) So far, Jane is much more fond of the whole crib idea than her sister.
My dad came for a week! He was a great help with the girls and Jane just adored him. We took him to Regensberg where all of us experienced our very first German Christmas market. It was lovely, and I can't wait to go to many more!

Jane showing off her new (and very first) necklace that papa got for her ;)
TURKEY DAY! We had a delicious Thanksgiving feast at our house. Just our family + my dad. Still eating leftovers if you were wondering. I woke up super early to make my first homemade pies and, although they would've both come in last place in any pie beauty contest, they tasted pretty great. We spent the rest of the day cooking up a storm.

I was grateful my dad could be with us, and could take a picture of our little family on this happy day.  And I'm so grateful for those 3 people who give my life all the fulfillment and joy that it will ever need. I also just realized jane is wearing un-matching socks. Love it. There's the reality for ya. After we ate, Jeff and my dad went to Prague where they explored for a few days.

Meanwhile, at home, the girls and I wasted no time and got going on our first christmas craft. Squeezing gobs of paint in her hands, and then splatting her hand print onto a giant piece of paper over, and over again? Jane was in heaven. One night, I wanted to have a fun little girls night. I asked Jane if she wanted to help me make a dessert and she said "YES" She chose brownies and I let her help me with nearly every step, like I usually do when baking. Although when I was pouring the batter into the pan she asked if she could do it and I said "Not this part, maybe when you're older." She walked out of the room and came back 2 minutes later "OK! I'm older now!"
Her favorite part of baking is undoubtedly her role as the "taste tester". "Mom, can I be your taste tester?" There has never been a role she takes so very, very seriously.

We ate brownies and watched a movie together. Both those things are a rare treat- and it made Jane's whole life. Every night for the past week when I asked her "What made you happy today?" she replies with "Making brownies wiff you and watching a movie!" A simple, fun night she will not soon forget.
And a night that Lyla will never remember because she slept the entire time. (And looked darn cute doing it!)
Had to document this book. I read it for the first time to Jane and was laughing until I had tears rolling down my face. She was also giggling uncontrollably. That Dr. Seuss is just one creative fella!

Jane has learned that if she gets a chair or a stool, she can climb onto higher surfaces to reach things she is not supposed to reach. Well the other day I had some goodies on the counter in the kitchen. I found her trying to push a big chair into the kitchen but it was stuck. She kept pushing and pushing and was getting more frustrated by the second. I hear "GO! GO! GOOOOOO! GO CHAIR. RIGHT! NOW! Go to the candy!" I asked "Jane, do you want some candy?" and she immediately let go of the chair. "Oh yeah, I don't really need the chair. I just need the candy"
Proudly carrying her Book of Mormon :)

Not staged. Both girls laying down next to each other, sucking on their two little fingers. :)

I straightened Jane's hair and she kept saying "I look beautiful" all day. Later, Jeff was tickling her on the knees, and she was laughing but then abruptly cried out: "stop touching my bladder!"

(when we were attempting, yet again, to potty train (another i-give-up-complete-failure), she learned about her bladder and intestines. But there was obviously a little bit of miscommunication there...)

So yeah, this post was ALLL over the place so you really shouldn't be surprised that it ended with a little bladder story. 


  1. I really love this blog post and that you take pictures and document your everyday goings-on!! Such precious memories!!

  2. I use Butterfly express NF (nursing formula) tincture. It increases volume and quality of the milk. Its like magic for me. And drinking a lot! of water helps too. Email me telling me more about Lylas fussy times and I'll see if I can help you figure her out. So glad you dad could come see you guys! So fun :)

  3. Oh my heck. Everything jane says has me laughing out loud. She is a crack up!! You guys sure make beautiful girls! Hope Lyla is having a "good" week for you ;). You're awesome Kerri! Sounds like Christmas time is a great time to come visit you in Germany--those markets look amazing and festive!



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