Thursday, December 17, 2015

5 months of baby dejavu

Lyla is 5 months old now. And for kicks and giggles here is jane at 5 months.  Like I mentioned in my last post, Lyla has been an angel the past two weeks. But then started being cranky pants again 3 days ago. I think I'll just accept the fact that she is a bi-polar baby. I guess they all are, huh?

But here is the biggest thing I've been thinking lately. Taking care of baby Lyla is like taking care of baby Jane all over again. They are SO SIMILAR. Enter:constant de ja vu. She started sucking on her two fingers at the exact same time Jane did. She has the same smile, the same laugh. She seems to have a very similar personality. Parents are always talking about how their kids are each so unique, but uhm, yeah I am not about to jump on that wagon yet because mine are pretty much the same. We broke out the baby jumper that we had used for jane. The toy that Jane was obsessed with, Lyla is obsessed with. Surprise, surprise! It's almost like re-living the past and I actually love it.

A few differences obviously. Lyla, for example, loves to wake up at 5:30 am every. single. morning. And she usually only takes one nap throughout the day! Like, Jane sleeps for about the same amount of time as Lyla each day. Whatttt? Jane was always a fantastic napper, still is! That's one thing Lyla didn't copy.

She has found her toes and is quite happy about it. The other day I took her socks off and let her have at it. It was quite a treat.

Like all humans, Lyla has her flaws. Mostly just one, and that is that she pinches the living heck out of me every time she nurses. Over, and over, and over. I always am somehow unprepared, even though I should be prepared, and yell "ouch!!" Jane is always concernced and says "Oh Lyla! What did you DO to mommy??!!"

My favorite part of the day is when she wakes up (even though it is wicked early) and sees my face for the first time, She erupts in the biggest smile and it stays there for about a whole minute until the novelty of my morning face wears off ;) I seriously love it. Makes waking up early that much easier. I am starting to really enjoy my quiet mornings with her though. We talk and smile at each other. Sometimes she is content to watch me do a work out, and some times she just wants to cuddle. We usually listen to a conference talk or I read scriptures out loud to her. I do like having that alone time with her.

Lyla LOVES jane. If she can hear her, but can't see her, she screams until she can. Her favorite past time would definitely be watching Jane play. Although I regret to inform you that sibling rivalry has begun. See pictures below ;)
And here are a few normal ones. I love the first one where Lyla is straining her neck to it's maximum strain in order to see Jane's face. So precious to me :)
My favorite thing about having 2 kids so far is watching them start to interact more lately. Sisterhood is a fun thing to watch. Especially when you helped create it!

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