Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Germany Does Christmas Right

There is no place better than Germany at Christmas time, I am convinced! We went to the Guteneck Christmas Market on saturday. We were all blown away and so happy to be there. There was Christmas music playing, real live nativity animals everywhere, SO many food stands- and might I add the best selection of food stands I've ever seen at any Christmas market. It was pure magic!
 Jane eating glazed and roasted almonds. (seriously, the most heavenly smell. can I get an amen?!) She referred to them as "Sugar Nuts"
^^ saw these and thought of you, tom and laura!

 ^^ curly fries and the longest darn bratwurst that ever existed, pretty sure
We also ate some donut holes. One kind was fried and stuffed with chocolate. One was not fried, but sprinkled with powdered sugar and filled with raspberry jam. We found ourselves wishing our wallets, along with our stomachs, were bottomless pits so that we could eat 100 more.
 ^^ camels are weird.
^^ a little stand dedicated to mistletoe, made me so happy :)

I wish I had taken more pictures. All the little details. So many booths full of handmade beauties. So many nativities that I wouldn't be able to choose one. We were going to buy one, but we didn't have enough euro which is a serious bummer because there are a few I saw that I canNOT get out of my head, 4 days later. Quite disheartened about that! This Christmas market will be hard to beat. It was so kid friendly, and we seriously could've spent 5 hours wandering around. But it got dark, and freezing cold, and too crowded to breathe without bumping into someone. It was an awesome experience and I found myself wishing so badly that I could somehow transport all of my loved ones over here to experience it with us. Christmas is JOY. These christmas markets seem to me to be the embodiment of Christmas, or the closest thing to it that I've ever seen. I love how the birth of Christ is emphasized everywhere you look. Oh man, all of you reading this just come on over all ready so we can take you to one! 

k great see you soon.


  1. This is incredible! You are so right. Germany really does Christmas best. Thanks for sharing your family adventures! Nate and I would love to live in Germany someday so we are taking careful notes of your adventures :).

  2. Okay, when I saw those adorable stars and angel I thought "that is so cute! I'm so glad she put those up!" and then I saw your comment! You guys are the best :) What a fun adventure, I hope to experience this myself one day! Love you guys!



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