Sunday, December 27, 2015


The only thing that stinks about christmas this year is that the lighting was SO bad that morning we were opening presents. It's times like these when I really, really wish I had a nice camera. When it comes down to it, my kids will be able to look back on these memories just the same, whether the pictures are grainy or crystal clear. I just get jealous of all those people with frame-able christmas morning pictures. Oh well.

I will also admit I had a small breakdown on Christmas eve about not being with any family. But ignoring these two debbie downers, this Christmas was perfect!

This Christmas was AMAZING. I think I was smiling for every second of the day. I made a video, but wanted to write down a few other favorite quotes and moments.

When jane finally woke up (Lyla and I had been sitting in her room WAITING for like 2 hours before she woke up at 7:30), we went to go wake up Jeff. I was the most excited one, let's be honest. So before he came out he said he had to go to the bathroom first. I was like "NOOO, HOLD IT!!" (ha!) and he said "Kerri, people still need to urinate on Christmas!" hahaha

one of my greatest accomplishments to date- I COMPLETELY surprised Jeff with something he really, really wanted- a bike! Didn't think it was possible but I did it, with a lot of help from some of our friends :)

Jeff made breakfast, even though I was fully intending to, and we jammed out to Christmas music the whole time. (on our new awesome speakers!)

On Christmas eve we were at some friends' house and ended the night by watching the Christmas video the church put out last year. At the end when it showed Mary and Baby Jesus I heard Jane lean over and whisper to her friend "Oh, that makes me feel the spirit". It made me all teary, and jeff was pretty close too. Love that she was able to feel the true spirit of CHRISTmas.

Jane played harder than she ever has that day. I could NOT get her to eat a single morsel of food  (besides the candy cane and ring pop santa brought her, of course...). She was way too excited about all her new things to bother herself with eating. Silly girl.

At the end of the day we were putting Jane to bed and she sighed and said "Wow, Santa is a good man to me!"

Usually I'm sad when Christmas is over, but we milked this season for all it was worth and I couldn't be happier with our first christmas with just our family. It was magical, and happy, and spiritual, and bonding. I will always treasure the memories we made during this Christmas season.


  1. It's hard to put on your big girl momma pants and be the momma in charge of Christmas memories instead of having your own mom cook you dinner and do all your dishes. That's exactly what I was feeling this year. I missed the childhood memories, but then realized that it's my turn to make those now for my kids. You are such a fabulous mom and I love your movie. Jane and Jeanine would be the cutest little duet if we could get them singing together! Jeanine sings Silent Night as well as Hark the Herald Angels Sing. What is it with 2 year olds these days and their talent! lol. Merry Christmas, Kerri!

  2. Love your video of Christmas! You do videos better than anyone!! Glad it was such a great Christmas for your little family. Hoping we'll be together next Christmas though!



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