Tuesday, February 23, 2016


2 weekends ago was my birthday! And it just so happened to be the weekend where we were scheduled to go on a marriage retreat- paid for by the army! This may have been the best thing the army has ever done for us, besides giving us free health care ;)

We rode a bus up to Garmisch, Germany. A beautiful town surrounded by the Alps. There is something about mountain air that makes you feel extra alive and rejuvenated. It made me homesick for Colorado and Utah being around big, beautiful mountains again. I never knew how much I loved them until I went without :) Anyways, the bus ride was SO GREAT! I loved being able to sit next to jane and hold Lyla if needed. And not be smooshed. AND I could talk to jeff and when i pointed to beautiful things out the window, he could actually look without putting our lives in danger. ;) (he loves driving so is ALWAYS the one to drive, which is like half the reason I married him because I hate driving.)
Jane eventually fell asleep in Lyla's carseat and Lyla fell asleep in my arms.

We got to our fancy hotel and felt that initial little kid giddiness. Jeff and I always get SO excited about hotels. Although, the excitement is starting to wane now that, in the back of our heads, we are thinking about how not ideal it is to ALL sleep in the same room.

As I was typing that last sentence I had a flash back of when I went to Africa and almost every family I met slept in one room together. But their beds were thin carpets on top of dirty concrete. So yeah, never complaining about that again.

So it was a quick weekend full of free hotel rooms, free buffets for breakfast and dinner, free marriage classes, and free child care. I have NEVER left my kids with someone I didn't know. And I've rarely even left them with someone besides family. It's hard for me, leaving them. Really hard. But I knew it would be worth it to spend time with Jeff, and I knew it meant a lot to him.

Turns out it's a lot harder on me than it is for my kids. They were happy as clams to have a new place to play with new friends.

How cute are these mini wooden chairs? Cute right? But if you're asking me, the girls are cuter.
^^ I love LYLA in this! Resting her head on her fist. I about died.

^^ documentation of my annual fat kid purchase of wheat thins and spray cheese. Disgusting, I know. But dang it, so good. I only allow myself to buy that cheese (I don't even dare look at the ingredients) on my birthday.
"What are you going to name your little puppy jane?"
"I'm going to name him Lucky, and Angel, and Polo"
(all three of the names of jeff and I's childhood dogs)
In the end she settled on "Otis", the name that was written on the tag ;)

On the way home, we played some serious I SPY with my little eye. (we spied a lot of trees. and a lot of fields.)

The highlights of the trip were:
 - taking jane swimming,
-  having a date night with jeff, and just hanging out and getting free food! 
- holding hands! When we don't have kids and we can hold hands, it's like a hallelujah chorus.
- And discovering that the KFC here is WAY better than KFC in the states. It tastes like Chik-fil-a. Legitimately. (that word brings me back to high school. is legit still a cool word to say? tell me, youth of the world, because even though I feel like I was in high school yesterday, I am actually slowly but surely becoming a 'behind with the times' mother and jane is probably going to start getting embarrassed of me pretty soon here.)

 Also, someone please explain: snap chat, and periscope. I mean, is it seriously a thing to have an account to 10 different social media sites? anywayyyyys....

The lowlights: 
- Having a reaction that made me get pink eye. SUUUUPER CUTE. (it's fun being allergic to make-up, try it) Hence why there are only pictures of the first day and a half. Nobody wants to be plagued with my swollen pink eye. 

Okay so only one low-light. Weird things like that are always happening to me. 

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  1. The new cool words to use now days are "littles" for kids aaaaand...well I saw another one the other day but i already forgot it because it's not in my vocabulary. I am SO missing you right now.



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