Tuesday, May 17, 2016


At long last, this curious little girl is crawling. I was beginning to wonder if she would ever actually do it since she has been rocking on her hands and knees for 2 months now! But yesterday, I held onto her chubby little legs and gently lifted her knee up and forward. This is how you do it, Lyla. A few minutes later, she was off and destroying Jane's game and ripping pages out of her coloring book. A suddenly mobile baby is a quick game changer, as Jane is not-so-happily discovering. I had to have a little pep talk with Jane to let her know that since Lyla is very curious and excited about everything, she is going to need to have a little more patience. And if we ever want to play memory together again, we will save it for when Lyla is napping ;)

 Don't you hate it when you fall head first into a dandelion?

A few quirky lyla-isms:
- When she cries, she always blows raspberries with her lips, it's her signature cry.
- When I change her diaper, the only way to get her to stay calm is to give her another diaper to play with.
- She still flexes her legs and twirls her feet when she gets excited :)
- Her increasing obsession with nursing stands as the opposition to her severe bottle aversion. She is so very offended if ever offered one. I might be nursing forever. (I also might be dramatic)
- She gives very intentional cuddles, as if she knows very well that there are few things that I adore more. On some hard days, a 3 second cuddle up to my chest may be the one thing I needed to give me enough strength, patience, and love that I need to finish out the day. And this little Lyla girl has pulled me out of more than one pit of frustration.
- I love her, despite her poor sleeping habits. Despite the seemingly constant vomit. Despite the slapping of my chest when she is hungry. Despite the crying and whining and clingy-ness.
- I love her despite of anything and everything. And always will.


  1. Olivia sometimes makes cute noises when she cries. Currently she say mum-mum-mum-mum with a dad pouty face about to busrt into tears. I think she needs to hang out more with Lyla, she's already standing up without holding into things and just walks everywhere (holding onto things). Actually she hates crawling. I found her clinging to the wall trying to walk to the bedroom the other day even though crawling would have taken her less than half the time haha

  2. And she is SUCH a cuddler. Sometimes I wish she'd be a little more independent but then I just picture her all grown up and I hold her tighter.



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