Thursday, May 12, 2016


On saturday we had a church meeting in Nurnburg in the evening. Since it's an hour away, we decided with some good friends to make a day out of it. So we drove up in the morning and headed to our favorite little theme park, Playmobile. I think every other family in the surrounding area had the same idea because we were packed like sardines in that park. Playmobile is the most innovative theme park I've ever been to. They layout is like a zoo, and instead of rides or animals to stare at there are little stations that have interactive activities and themes. A police car station, a pirate ship that you can go and play on, a farm where you can milk "cows" and clean "horses". There is something for all ages and I think it'll take about 5 visits until we have the chance to explore everything in it. So with that little ode to playmobile, here are the pictures. 

Lyla is always, always happy when we are traveling and/or out and about because she has been and always will be my little koala bear. She is so happy to be curled up on our chest all day. I love her for it.
The star of the show for Jane, just like last time, was the splash park area. I have a little urge to keep pushing her to go, go, GO so we can see lots of different things in one day. But then I step back and remind myself why I ever go through the trouble to do these sorts of things; and that is to make HER happy and to create fond and joyful childhood memories. So if playing in a splash area for half of our allotted time is the golden ticket to her golden smile, then so be it!
With Marin and Sarah. (Kylie is somewhere running around too). These 4 girls are convinced that they are family. The other day Jane says "I love my family! Mommy, daddy, Lyla, Kylie, Marin, Sarah, and Claire (the baby of that family)" We will all be SO sad to see them leave :(
Jane remembered milking the cows last time (even though it was almost a year ago!) and so she wanted to go back.
Kylie really putting her all into the cleanliness of that plastic cow.
^^ little lyla feet. Her foot kept slipping out of the shoe. How cute are those jelly shoes? I'm usually a firm believer in no-shoes-until-a-baby-can-walk, but old navy sucks me in with those sales. $3 for adorable little baby shoes? "It's practically free!" as jeff would say ;)
Sweet little claire
^^ Jane driving the tractor and can't you almost hear the sound effects she is making when you look at this picture?
There was an indoor area that was jam packed with little toy areas. Marin found the dollhouse area and she was hooked. You couldn't get that girl to budge from that place if you tried. I remember being obsessed with playing house when I was little too. Probably why I played with barbies until I was like 12....

This day was just a happy day. There were hardly any tears from Jane, a welcome change from the last trip we did. I think having her daddy home has helped her SO much. We have been in a family honeymoon stage, having him back. But actually, I don't think it's a stage as much as it is a constant and brimming love for each other. I'm continuously pleasantly surprised that I never, EVER get sick of the 3 humans who I share my home and my heart with. Every night as Jeff and I talk as we are falling asleep, one of us always ends up saying in more words or less "We have a pretty good life, don't we?" We do, we do! I'm holding fast to the gratitude and am trying to make it a goal to never let it slip from my grasp. I'm also trying to teach Jane to be "grateful for whatchya got!" (ie. instead of crying for "lotsa cookies, how about you just smile and say thanks?) Luckily for me, it comes quite effortlessly, when I am intentional about it, to be so very grateful for what I have; and it's because we are so blessed in so many ways!

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  1. Hahaha barbies till she 12! That was me too for sure, I'm sure when we get barbies for Olivia I'll play with them more than her hahs



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