Monday, June 27, 2016

Sweet Sister Moments

 Jeff has been gone the past week, and isn't back until friday. I have been trying to keep us all as busy as possible! It's surprisingly easy. I remember when I was pregnant with Lyla, I thought it would be better, and in some ways easier, having 2 kids instead of one. I think that is definitely the case for me. Having 2 kids is a blast, it's NEVER boring, and they are learning to entertain each other. So far, this has been my greatest joy in motherhood- watching my girls become friends. Okay, maybe second favorite, because seeing them with their daddy trumps all.
This was a normal afternoon. They were playing with blocks and I was a casual, and fortunate, observer as Jane started to panic when Lyla was encroaching upon her block masterpiece. I watched her anxiety melt into empathy as she made a very deliberate decision to share with her sister, rather than push her away and yell. She took some blocks and put them in a pile: "here lyla, you can play with these ones!" It's a really awesome thing to watch your children make good decisions out of their own desire to do so. Jane gets true and genuine satisfaction out it too, when she realizes she made a good choice. "Look momma! I made her happy!"
I'm OBSESSED with this girls' little flippy curls!
^^ a few minutes later, Lyla had caught on with this sharing business and wanted in on the action. This is her, proving herself to jane that she can share too. And she was quite proud of that fact.

One of Jane's favorite things is to feed Lyla snacks. I think it is mostly because it's easier to sneak some for herself that way, but either way it's cute!
Lyla is quite delighted by it as well :)
 I just love what a good big sister Jane is. She treats Lyla SO well. For example, above is a picture of us walking around in Prague. She insisted we stop so she could give Lyla a kiss on the forehead. :)
 Lyla is already learning from her example....I only hope Lyla pays zero attention to Jane's play-doh mess making skills. ( I HATE PLAY DOH. but I guess I love Jane more than I hate play doh.)
 Laughing at their daddy :)
These sisters love each other with a sweet, special, tender love. I hope it only continues to grow stronger as they grow up side by side.

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