Thursday, July 21, 2016


I love our country a whole lot. So much so that I was willing to pack up the girls and I to fly across the country so that I could actually be in the United States to celebrate its independence. Let me just tell you, the getting there part was traumatic and horrible and I think my words when I finally arrived and was greeted by my siblings were: "I'd rather give birth naturally 10 times in one day than do that again!" But Jane was relieved that we never "Bonked the sky" when we flew so high into the sky. She was quite concerned about that. Anyways, we survived the 1 hour flight followed by a 10.5 hour flight and were so happy to be able to spend the week in Utah with a ton of family!

The first day (july 2nd) was spent fighting jet lag, and losing. But surprisingly it wasn't bad for too long and we were mostly adjusted by the 4th of July! My dad's side of the family was having a reunion and we were all together for the 4th of July. I started the day off with the girls outside, soaking up the morning sun and seriously crushing over Utah grass. Oh, I miss Utah grass. It is simply divine. The girls were playing around and eating captain crunch "cwunchees" out of a red cup, courtesy of 'Papa' who has never turned down any of Jane's requests for treats.
 A class act multi-tasker: eating and running.
 aaaaaand here is Lyla chewing and spitting out food all over her shirt. The reason why she is wearing a different outfit for the rest of the day.
Lyla's signature pose. She points at everything, and nothing.
Closing her eyes and trying to walk to me ;)

After a morning at my dad's apartment, we headed to my uncle Mikey's house and a lot of us drove up a mountain for a hike. I use the word 'hike' generously since it was more like a scenic walk. But a scenic walk that was actually worth the long drive up the mountain. It just felt right to be up in the mountains soaking up some of the finest beauty this country has to offer. Oh how I've missed being so close to mountains!
 ^^ brendon is so cute carrying jane's little back pack ;)
 Jane decided to shake things up and was demanding to be held in the baby carrier. It was fun to have some Janie snuggle time :)
 ^^ Jane and her great grandma Rogers whom she promptly fell in love with. I mean, how could she not? My grandma is the most selfless person I've ever met!
 Love them!! ^^
 ^^ some of the cousins.

 His hair is just ridiculous. In a disney prince ridiculous kinda way.
These views turned the scenic walk into a scenic take-three-steps-and-pause-to-take-a-picture. Not sure I burned many calories this day ;)
 Rachel was so helpful all week with the girls. They both love her!
 ^^ seeing this little guy was pretty much the highlight for Jane
 And topped it off with a picnic of sandwiches and chips. It doesn't get more American than that!

After the hike and picnic, we went back to my Uncle Mikey's and had a big barbecue. Obviously. Complete with a fruit pizza that I made, and burnt, but that was still edible. It looked cute anyways.
 Throwing Pop-its with all the enthusiasm she can muster.
 ^^ Jane loved her (great) aunt Dawn!
 Crashing hard like a true college student. 
 Can't you just hear Jane's little scared/excited squeals that are a result of my dad's bear walk?

 After the barbecue we went to a park and took family pictures since almost everyone (besides the 2 boys serving missions) was there! We found a beautiful park and I used my uncle's tripod and pretended to be a professional photographer. Major props to real photographers! I bow to you. That would be one of the most stressful jobs ever! Like, you can't control the SUN!! And if the sun is bad, it's so hard to get good pictures. Not to mention, most people in this universe feel that getting group pictures taken is a loathesome and horrendous chore. And so to appease those grumps, you have to act fast! Anyways, I didn't get any spectacular shots, but I worked with what I had. (temperamental sun, and a whole lotta people who were not interested in standing around smiling for an hour. don't blame 'em.) I sure love these people!
I must mention the tripod was set up in the middle of the street and so whenever a car came, I had to bolt out of the way. 
 ^^ I don't know what it is about taking family pictures that makes small children feel like their entire world is crumbling, but it always happens. This is the only picture where one or both of them weren't crying! Anyways, love these people, but we were all sure missing Will!
 ^^ The grandkids, minus the 2 missionaries. I'm the oldest, not to brag or anything.
 4 generations

It really was everything the 4th of July should be: exploring the outdoors, barbecues, lots of family, throwing pop-its, and ending it with a literal bang of fireworks.


  1. maybe this is weird, but the lighting in the first 5 pictures... Amazing! You guys are cute!



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