Friday, September 16, 2016


The first day of September, my grandparents arrived in Germany! We were so excited and happy to have them visit. And I think Jane is still adjusting to not having the undivided attention of at least one adult, at all times. We went all over Germany it seemed! For some reason, the camera stars were not aligned for most of the time, because I left my memory card in the computer. So, only iPhone pics! 

Although I did remember to bring the camera WITH the memory card when we went to Pottenstein: a cute little town 45 minutes away that we accidentally and serendipitously discovered is home of the largest and yummiest Schnitzel in all the land. They could not stop raving and suddenly understoof why Julie Andrews proclaimed in a song that Schnitzel is one of her favorite things. It's one of theirs now, too :)
Of course we did the paddle boats- we watched little baby ducks dive down into the kelpy water over, and over. This was the event that will forever be remembered as the one where Lyla learned how to QUACK. And it's the cutest thing in the world.
^^ that was taken after we had already eaten about half of it. It was a darn big schnitzel!
 This was my grandma the whole time they were here. On the ground playing with Jane. In this picture they are playing the Memory Game. THE very cards I played with at my grandma's house when I was Jane's age. So proud :)

Every morning Jane would go down and wake up my grandma and grandpa and talk their ears off, or force them to lay on the ground while she "doctors" them with her fake thermometer and shot. She was in HEAVEN ordering around playing with my grandparents.

We drove up to Dresden and Bastei Bridge for the weekend. The day where Jane was introduced to a fit bit and also the day that she became out of this world motivated to get as many steps as possible. Well, we kept track and she racked up SEVEN MILES on that bad boy. And I kid you not, most of those miles were running. Like, more than half. No idea where this energy came from because she usually whines after about 2 minutes of walking at the grocery store that her "wegs huwwwt" (legs hurt). Hopefully she has some of those Andersen running genes!
The views were unbeateable.

Bastei bridge was breath-taking and I'm so glad we were able to go! The next day, we walked around the city of Dresden and gave my grandparents a mini tour. You'd think we would be worried about trekking around Europe with my grandparents but they keep up with us like it's no big deal! They are in such good shape still, it's insane. 

We went on a few other little excursions the next week, and Jeff took them to Prague for a day as well. (DUH) It was so SO nice to have them, and to host them. Heaven knows they have done more for me in my life than I could ever give back to them. We had some good times but also some straight up German times, like when we tried to go to 3 different restaurants that were all closed because the owners were on a 2 week vacation. HA. Or when we got lost in a big city, or got sent on a detour that winds through about 17 different SMALL german towns with two-way roads that are barely wide enough for one vehicle. That's Germany for you. 


  1. Hi! I recently pinned one of your recipes for veggie lasagna and it is my go to recipe! Love it! It no longer comes up when I go to view it on my Pinterest board :( Can you repost it?!? I was planning on making it for a family who just had a baby. I have searched everywhere for it or one like it with no success. Please help!!

    1. I am so sorry! I deleted the post because I've started to print my blog and I deleted posts that I didn't think I'd want in there. I just searched through all my posts to see if I just reverted it to a draft but couldn't find it. I feel so bad 😢😫

    2. Here is a recipe that looks the most similar to the one I used

    3. Seriously dude. I was looking for that recipe too! Put it back up or send it to me!



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