Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Savoring the Sunshine

I am livid right now because I just wrote an entire blog post and published it. And then I go to find it and it didn't publish. Then to my even deeper pleasure, I found that it hadn't even SAVED. So. Annoyed. 

But here we go again anyways. This month has been so wonderful. I've felt the summer slipping away through the cracks of my fingers, despite my firm death grip. I've found myself desperate to squeeze every last drop of summer and sunshine out of the bottle. And savor every last drop as well. We have been trying to be outside as much as possible because we have learned that, in Germany, with winter comes an utter lack of sunshine. 

So let's start with a photo of us indoors first to kick off the last few days of warmth and happiness. Because if I didn't post a picture of Jane and one of her many, many magnet creations, then I'd hardly be depicting our true and genuine life. Those things are the best toys to ever grace our household.
First off, Jeff conducted an army ceremony- his first time. He also sang the national anthem for it and I was so proud. Another one of his hidden talents is that he is an awesome singer! Ever since, Jane can be heard belting "Ohhhh Say Can yYou SEEEEEE?" throughout our house :)
This was a delicious and crisp evening that had to be documented. Because can't you just tell it's one of those perfect late summer nights? We were waiting to go eat at one of our favorite restaurants and so these smiles were very much coerced, due to the hanger that was growling in the pit of their bellies. Particularly in Jeff's case; so he was being the ultimate sport :)
Matching them brings me more of a thrill than it should ;)
One sock, as always. Putting 2 socks on her is about as pointless as sweeping right before meal time. But for some reason, I do both things multiple times a day.
She is really into jumping lately! Sometimes she will pin both arms behind her back, jump, and try her very best to "stick it" like the olympian gymnasts.
We went to a farmers market one morning with some friends, and it was just lovely. I was a little saddened by the absence of my beloved plump and juicy utah peaches. Definitely gave me withdrawals. But what they lacked in peaches, they made up for in marbled hard boiled eggs. Jane was ecstatic when I told her she could pick one out, and for a few minutes handled it as if it were her first born child. The egg euphoria came to a literal crash when she dropped it and cracked the egg all over. Luckily, she had no issue gobbling it right up and cutting her losses.
She was a grump, but I managed to make her laugh for the second picture. Winning.
We were back to the same town square a few day laters with our long awaited guests: Laura, Tom, Ian, and Macy! This was their first out of the house experience, and considering they were all still jet lagged, they were excited little troopers :)
Jane has been LOVING all the cousin time!

Come visit us, and we will show you around too!

This is a random picture of a night when we went upstairs to check on the rather obnoxious ruckus coming from upstairs. Only to find that she had relocated her entire bed. Do not know how she managed.

Now these next pictures are from one of my very favorite days of my life thus far! It was a completely spontaneous decision to pack the girls up to take them to the most little kid-friendly amusement park I've ever been to! I was checking, like I do religiously, the weather app on my phone and realized this day would probably be the last nice, sunshiney day for a long while, and I was determined to put it to the best use as possible.
This picture was a risky snap. And in hindsight I shouldn't have let my hands off of that Lyla girl for even a second. Mom fail, but also...cute picture right?
It was completely blissful in every sense of the word. Pic-nic lunch, a little ice cream treat, some impromptu dance parties, and fun surprises around every corner!
So glad I happened to capture the quick glance that says "just looking back to make sure you are still there and watching me". I love being their safe place, their anchor that encourages them to explore the world a little more all on their own. 
It was one of those days that, even as you are experiencing it, you are nostalgic for. A day you will look back and yearn for, no doubt. I soaked up those precious girls of mine in this ridiculously fun stage, and we made a solid and enduring childhood memory. I didn't want the day to end, but alas, it needed to so we could get home in time to have dinner on the table for the man who makes all these fun excursions possible.

Jane didn't want to leave either; as evidenced by her whining and complaining on the way back from the car. She cried out in agony "Mom! I can't walk to the car! My bones are dead!"

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