Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I'm telling you, Europe is packed FULL of hidden gems. I promise you there are wonderful places that are NOT Paris, Rome, or Venice! My favorite places tend to be the hidden gems while the bigger, more famous cities err on the side of stressful! (mostly just because they aren't super kid friendly) By the way, it may seem like we are always traveling. Well, it's kinda true. But it's because we have SO many lovely people coming to visit us and we are trying to secure our spots as worlds best travel guides/hosts. I know we are a far cry from the best, but we are giving it our best shot. This week, my dad is visiting and it's so fun to have him!

We went to Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic- only an hour and a half from where we live- for an afternoon and it was lovely! We just spent a few hours walking around the town, exploring, stopping to feed pigeons and ducks, and stare slack-jawed at each and every dog we pass by (lyla).

A few highlights from this day: 
- Pigeons eating leftover donut crumbs straight out of jane's hands. And then jane deciding "oh, I think I will eat this part instead of feeding it to the pigeons."

- Karlovy Vary is famous for its supposedly healing mineral water. There are fountains, and touristy cups, all over the city that you can go up to and drink from. Jane spit hers out just as soon as it touched her tongue, and I don't blame her. It tasted like drinking warm pennies. 

- Jeff stopping the car in the middle of the road to get out and take a picture with me with the beautiful fall trees in the background. He's given me a moment in time that I will treasure forever.

- Stopping for 5 minutes to give the street performers the attention and applause they deserve! There are some seriously talented street musicians; and Jane's favorite thing to do is put coins in their hat.

- My dad carrying Jane on the shoulders. One, because it's cute, 2 because it gives me free hands!

- A rainbow of leaves everywhere you look. So incredibly beautiful!

- Seeing the hotel that was featured in Casino Royale. In the movie they changed the name of it, but it's real name is Hotel Pupp. Pronounced POOP. For real, can't make this stuff up. 

- Putting my gloves over Lyla's socks to keep them extra warm. We forgot her shoes like good, responsible parents. 

- Jane waving me over, saying "Mom come here! I gotta show you something BEAUTIFUL!!" and showing me a porch with pots of flowers on it. :) She knows me well!

 ^^ this pic looks like I edited it and completely over-saturated it, but I didn't! It's literally UNEDITED. These colors and trees were fake looking, but as real as could be. Couldn't get over it.


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  1. I don't think it could possibly be any more beautiful! Thanks for sharing! In addition it's so close to where you live.



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